PRESS RELEASE: Privately held Marin Bikes announces that it has reached agreement for sale to Minestone Limited, a European based investment firm. Since its inception in Marin County California, the birthplace of mountain biking, Marin Bikes has been a cycling innovator.

Robert Buckley, President and Founder of Marin:

“The acquisition of Marin by Minestone will allow us to strengthen our brand through increased investment in product innovation, marketing and human resources. We will continue to operate from our Novato headquarters in Marin County California, designing and testing on the trails and back roads that have inspired us for over 25 years. I greatly look forward to accompanying our talented and dedicated staff during this exciting new phase in our company’s history.”

Ross Patterson, Sales and Marketing Director, ATB Sales Ltd added…

“This is excellent news. The investment this acquisition will bring will strengthen Marin’s position globally and we look forward to the exciting times ahead for Marin in the UK”.

Founded in 1986, Marin has pioneered the application of cutting edge materials and production processes to lightweight performance bicycle frames. Sold by specialty retailers in over 40 countries, Marin has international offices in Canada, Switzerland and Taiwan.


  1. Wow! Amazing piece of news. Marin has been making Walmart quality bicycles for the last 5 centuries! It is about the the founders/investors cached out!

  2. “Hello welcome to Walmart” – Meta’s mom
    Marin makes some really nice bikes, even their entry level bikes are comparable to any other major brand… but rumor has it that they are not releasing any of their new 2012 carbon mtb bikes do to a bad batch of carbon.

  3. Well, it always seemed that Marin Bikes were bigger in Europe than in the US. You don’t see many Marin bikes in Marin County.

  4. Very sad! Goodbye quality bikes for the right price point; Hello investment firm that knows nothing about cycling that will eventually ruin a good company and its products 🙁

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