We just had a note from the good folks at Hammerhead Bikes (formerly 918XC) telling us that they were giving away a beautiful Niner carbon AIR9 frame and RDO thru-axle carbon fork.  Want to “win the greatest 29er Carbon SS/Geared Frameset on the planet?”  There are a couple of several ways to earn chances:  hit the jump to find out how!

Easiest way to receive entries for the Giveaway:

  1. “Like” our Facebook Page
  2. Register on the Hammerheadbikes.com site & “order” the giveaway frameset. We have it set up as a no charge/free shipping product.
  3. Facebook “Share” the Giveaway Flyer with all your Facebook Friends

Receive 1 Entry for each….Maximum 3 entries

If you really want to work for it, you can gain extra entries by:

Posting a thread about the Giveaway in the Bike Forums you frequent:
Include a link to the page on our site, or a link to our Facebook page. You will receive an entry for each separate Forum where you post the thread.
E-mail links to threads created about the giveaway to sales@hammerheadbikes.com
Subject Line Title – RDO Giveawaw Forums
You will receive an entry for each thread. Repeat threads in same forum will not count, so please do not flood the forums.

Good luck & have fun! Hammerhead Bikes – The coolest, most generous, 29er Source!

The Fine Print:

Contest Ends 2/29/12. We will announce the winner 3/1/12 on our Facebook page, MTBR (News Section & 29er Forum), & BikeRumor.com

Frameset Package Includes:

Niner Air9 Carbon Frame, Size Large, Vana White
Niner RDO Carbon Fork, Tapered, 15mm Thru, Maxle, Vana White,
Niner EBB, Black
No Substitutions, Exchanges, or Returns. Free Shipping Applies to Lower 48 States. Contest is open to all 50 States, and Countries we ship to outside the United States.


  1. Like our facebook page, give us all your info, indirectly spam your facebook friends, and then indirectly spam message boards. Cheesy marketing tactic.

  2. haters, i dont understand the need to bash on a bike shop giving away an awesome frame/fork set. HEY TOM, MARK what are you giving away?? Ive dealt with hammerhead/918xc for a few years now, good people good shop nothing to hate about that!

  3. Your not a hater if you disagree and simply have an aversion to spam and cheese. Just cuz you give something away doesn’t mean the manner in which you do it is always great. My 8 yr old knows that.

  4. I had a longer post in response to mark that I posted last night that has somehow gone missing… This is the 3rd time this has happened to me on this site.

    My point was mostly what scissorhands said:

    1. The give away is misleading until you actually get to the fine details to find out it is only a large size frame. Why not give the user a choice if you want to appeal to the most people. That makes the spam tactics even cheesier. They are going to end up with a lot of data for tall people, or they are going to get a lot of people who hope to win, blow the frame out on eBay and eliminate the possibility of them actually returning as customers to buy parts for their new build. The data they will get from this is marketing gold; it is worth far more to them than the cost of a frame.

    2. Perhaps I am picky with the concept of a “free” giveaway. You only argument is that I am not giving something away? Your logic is flawed. There are more creative (and better) ways to do this that don’t involve spamming public boards. It’s even cheesier that they started their own thread at MTBR before any contestants had a chance to. Regardless, do something cool like cycling trivia or BR’s monday mystery part, and everyone who answers correctly gets an additional entry. You will get a hell of a lot more people frequenting your website/blog/twitter feed to answer the latest trivia and hope stumble across other promotions that may interest them.

    • Tom,

      using different e-mail addresses from the same IP address may be what dumped you into the spam folder. I haven’t marked any of the Hammerhead comments as spam.


  5. Marc,

    Well that’s odd…I’ve used the same email but I’ll take your word for it. The first was posted while I was at work. The second was from home. They were visible on the site for a while but then vanished? Posts on other stories managed to stay up (my last post which is still up, was posted from the same IP within an hour of the one that got flagged).

    I hope it is a glitch, but I’ve never encountered a spam prevent system (particularly in WordPress) that didn’t let you manually flag comments that were erroneously filtered into the spam box.

  6. Tom, I just got on this morning and there was a comment pending from a Tom@negative….. If that’s yours, it was definitely under a different email address. As you can see, it’s up now. Not sure what’s going on but we aren’t censoring comments.

  7. Thanks for looking into it. You can delete one of them now since they both say he same thing. It is so weird that the post is available for a while, and then disappears later? It is confusing because it looks like its posted, I can refresh the page and read what I wrote, and then later its gone when I come back to the site. Anyways, appreciate looking into it.

    • Thanks for reading Tom! I just went through 23 pages of the spam folder (out of 600 something) and there were even comments from Bikerumor contributors that had been marked as spam. Computers….

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