Gore Ride-On brake cables recall for Campagnolo brakesGore Ride-On Cables has issued a worldwide recall of their Low Friction and Professional series brake cable kits. They have one reported incident of a Campy-style brake cable end nub coming off.

Users running Shimano/SRAM style brake levers aren’t affected, and shift cables for any brand shifter are not affected. Likewise, the cable systems that ship with SRAM component groups are not involved. Below are the items under recall:

– Low friction brake bicycle cable kit – grey, black, white, blue, red
– Low friction brake for road cable kit – dealer box – black, white (set for 10 kits)
– Low friction replacement brake cable (2350 mm) – bag of 10
– Professional brake bicycle cable kits – black, white, blue, red
– Professional brake bicycle cable kit – dealer box – black, white (set for 10 kits)

We’re waiting to hear back from Gore as to what affected riders should do and will update here as soon as we do. In the meantime, check with the retailer where you purchased the cables.


  1. You do know, right, that this recall has been in effect for over 2 weeks? VeloNews reported it January 13. Everyone should report recalls, but hopefully everyone will do so in a timely fashion.

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