Twift Athletics tuxedo cycling jersey and triathlon single for black tie bike rides

Who says your next race can’t be a black tie event? With Twift Athletic’s tuxedo print jersey, you’ll look so sharp your cycling buddies might even overlook the fact that it’s actually a triathlon singlet. The only bricks you’ll be laying in this are the training ones we can’t stand hearing about. Not quite fancy enough for you? Check out more classy designs after the break…

Twift Athletics Classy Woodsman tuxedo cycling jersey and triathlon singlet

The Classy Woodsman.

Twift Athletics Southern Gentleman tuxedo cycling jersey and triathlon singlet

The Southern Gentleman.

Twift Athletics Uncle Sam All American tuxedo cycling jersey and triathlon singlet

The All American.

All designs retail for $75 and are made of “performance materials”. They also have a basic black tux athletic T-shirt for running.


  1. Puke……oh here comes some more…puke…

    Sleeveless, white trash. all you need is matching armwarmers and compression calf sleeves and the tri guys will be all over it.

  2. These things rock! I’m picking one up for the summer TT series IMMEDIATELY. Looks like Pactimo is the manufacturer, they make quality kit

  3. This hideous design has been showing up on gas station t-shirts for 20 years. All of a sudden its a good idea? Money can’t buy good taste.

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