Yesterday rumors began to swirl after SRAM released images of what appeared to be a prototype derailleur with stabilization technology similar to the recently released Shimano Shadow system.   A closer look at the images reveals an unmarked caliper which appears to be four pot. SRAM may be annoucing some interesting new products come Sea Otter in April….

Check past the break for a close up.




  1. Yes, there are quite a few 4 piston brakes on the market- Hayes Stroker Ace, Hope M4s, Shimano Saint, the aforementioned Codes, Gatorbrake 4, etc. Perhaps, not the best title.

    Bart – good catch on the lack of CPS washers, it will be interesting to see if the production models lack them as well.

    My call is that this will be a special X0 level DH brake to supplement the X0 DH line, as the X0 brake was a standard X0 that just matched the group with the exception of the lever blade.

  2. A “non-CPS caliper for increased weight savings” and for increasing the amount of times I bash my head against a wall trying to set them up. CPS was the easiest system out there. It would be a shame to get rid of it, unless they found a lighter way to do the same thing.

  3. Jake…It’s not really an issue with the new brakes. They’re just as simple to set up as they were with the CPS washers. I dunno if they managed to make the gap between pad and rotor a little larger on new elixirs, but I’ve been pretty happy with the set up of the calipers out of the box. You may have an issue if your post mounts aren’t faced correctly from the factory…and if they’re not, Park has a post mount facing tool to take care of that.

  4. Hmm had no idea they were ditching the washers…but sure enough looking on the floor Elixir 1…no washers but 3’s and 5’s still have em…as do the Specialized custom versions. I should poke my head out of warranty land sometime and check out the new bikes. And the Cyclus post mount tool faces both posts at the same time for a truly flat surface ….if you can come up with the cash…I for one am glad to see the CPS washers gone.

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