Hailed as one of the biggest breakthroughs of 2011, Shimano’s Shadow Plus rear derailleur technology has gained quite a few fans since it’s inception. With so many people (including us) touting the benefits of the new wonder derailleur, it should come as no surprise that Sram may want to create something similar of their own.

Rumors of SRAM working on a stabilized derailleur have been floating around the web for awhile, though SRAM just put this photo up on their Facebook page. While the rear section of the derailleur looks fairly standard, the lower knuckle that attaches to the pulley cage is clearly different. It doesn’t appear to have a visible switch like the Shimano derailleur does, though that doesn’t mean it isn’t hidden from sight. SRAM has been tight lipped on the subject for now, but we’ll keep you posted.


  1. I wonder if it uses a clutch roller like the shimano system – and if that system will be adjustable via a torx wrench on that lower knuckle.

  2. Pretty sure it’s still cable actuated. I saw another up close shot and the cable was there. Another thing that is interesting from the up close shot is a line that is on the knuckle as well as the huge torx style bolt on the side of the knuckle. the lines line up so either it does have an on/off switch or it has externally adjustable tension

  3. XX, X0, X9, X7,I don’t care, Scam’s all rubbish. If you want to access all of your cogs and not have to rebleed your brakes after every 3rd ride, buy Shimano.

  4. What’s the advantage of the shadow plus rear derailleur?
    To prevent the chain bouncing around hitting your chainstay, I believe.
    But, that’s why you have the velcro protector wrapped around your chainstay.
    Am I missing something? I’m not sure what’s so special about this new shadow plus rd.

  5. @MTB
    the advantage of shadow plus is that its a much lighter, more flexible and less intrusive method of chain retention. It holds the chain tight enough that for all but extreme freeride and DH, it eliminates the need for chain retention. The BONUS is however, that you also get rid of the noise of the chain on the chainstay.
    shadow plus really is an improvment, not just marketing…

  6. @eric
    clearly that i why SRAM won no big mountain bike races this past year.
    Shimano set up poorly can be just as bad as SRAM set up poorly, with using the wrong size rotors, not good enough parts, or lack of maintenance.

  7. Is it just me or does that Reverb look to have more drop than the standard 125mm model?

    Another big bonus of the Shadow Plus is the elimination of chainsuck. For those of us with carbon frames and muddy trails this is a huge plus.

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