Enzos Cycling Products embrocations and revised buttonhole chamois cream formulaEnzo’s Cycling Products has revised their ButtonHole Chamois Cream and introduced three new embrocations.

ButtonHole, which remains one of our collective favorites, bumps up the peppermint and tea tree oils and drops the water content about 10%. They say the revisions make it a bit thicker and long lasting.

The new embrocations (thankfully) come in stick form, keeping the heat off your fingers. Which likely keeps it from being accidentally and painfully applied to privates and faces. We’ve got some samples en route for testing, but the initial email said “WARNING on the Hot embro – it’s HOT!”

The sticks come in three flavors, all with a Beeswax/Shea Butter/Natural oils base. The Oil Stick is for wet or cool conditions (56°F and warmer) and appears mainly to offer a barrier.

The Medium and Hot Embro Sticks add Capsicum to the mix for some heat, designed for temps in the 45°F – 55°F range and 30°F -44°F range, respectively. All three retail for $16.95 and come with four latex gloves to be used during application.


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