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  1. Actually surprised it took nearly 4 months before there was easily noticeable difference, but it also seems that it was a slippery slope. Once it started to go, it ALL went.

    Where can you get the calendar?

  2. Agree – 100+ days until the pump disappeared. I’d have figured that water bottle/seat/pump would be gone in days. I’d wager the same experiment at any major university would show the same thing within a month, max.

  3. I wonder how many people were pissed that there was this abandoned bike locked up and there was no room for there bike to be locked up?

  4. @Dukester: a lot of bike racks in nyc are like that. And its nyc so you just deal with it…find the next rack/pole/fence and be on your way…there’s no time to get upset about it.

  5. ? At around day 212 the, it appears the lock is gone – but not the bike – who cuts a lock and doesn’t take the bike? Who would take just the basket, then seat and post, then the grips and the break lever (but the housing stays in one piece and located near the bar?) then the front wheels goes… please explain. I don’t live in NYC but I think in most metropolitan areas a unlocked bike doesn’t survive 24hrs unlocked, let alone weeks.

  6. The pump is taken but it’s in the basket again on day 182.

    @chipollini I think one of two things happened. 1. The police noticed the bike was locked up for almost a year and cut the lock(I don’t know if this is something that happens. just speculation) 2. The makers of this video got bored and decided to make the bike disappear.

  7. @Chip and James: I thought the same thing at first. But if you look closely at the beginning you’ll see a kryptonite nyc chain lock (the kind with a sleeve over it) resting on the chainguard. Eventually it falls behind it but it still clearly around the seat-tube.

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