Velo Chic Design

The Velo Chic by Raymon Hung is a new prototype for a women’s collapsible electric bike.  It is clean, practical, and designed for daily urban use.   It incorporates an electric power assist system hidden in the seat tube, and a shaft drive.  It also incorporates integrated bike lights, an integrated bike lock, and detachable storage space.  The Velo Chic is space conscious, being designed with the young city dweller in mind.  Designed for a user always on the go, the bike is collapsible with one hand.  With the clean design, this bike prototype looks as good on the street as it does in the living room!  More pictures are featured after the break.

Velo Chic collapsed in the living room

Velo Chic at the market


  1. I don’t think there is anything new or innovative about selling a battery powered electric motor attached to a shaft drive to hipster women.

  2. I think the most important thing in selling to a women, besides looks, is weight. If a “young city dweller” is the market, that could mean an apartment with a 3-5 story walk-up. And I know a lot of girls who might balk at having to haul a heavy bike (typical of electrics) up and down on a daily basis (the shop I worked for specialized in women’s road bikes and I lived in NYC for a while so I speak of some firsthand knowledge).

    But really I think this has already been done and I don’t see anything new here other than a slightly different design with no added features.

  3. Yeah sadly I agree with the Gillis. I’m always somewhat suspicious of concept bikes with wheels like this too. It generally implies a designer who’s more interested with the aesthetic than actual functionality. Spoked wheels are still the strongest, lightest solution for a bike like this.

  4. Absolutely 100% agree with Gillis. The fact that it’s electric would mean nothing if you’re still sticking a 15lb lithium ion battery, At our shop we do a lot with Lithium Polymer which comparing a 24v from ion to polymer is 15lbs to nearly half that at 8lbs. Huge difference when a customer of ours is looking to put a kit on their bike. Go with a bare bones version with no electrics to it at all and an electric version and see how it goes from there. You might be shocked.

  5. Thank you Topmounter, made a rainy, cold, miserable morning in England just that little bit brighter!
    Inefficient shaft drive, crank design looks like it might be subject to higher friction, a bit heavy battery, small wheels with no suspension. Another craptastic design from someone who doesn’t know anything about bikes or chooses to ignore it at the least. Surprised it’s not got a mono stay/fork and spokeless wheels.
    I promised myself I’d stop hating on Bikerumour, and it might be the weather bumming me out, but this sucks…

  6. I thought a prototype meant that you actually built the bike. These look like renderings to me. If not what BB standard does it use?

    Don’t get me wrong think the bike looks great, but this bike is probably about as real as the girl in the picture.

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