HED Ardennes SL 650c road and triathlon bike wheels for smaller riders

This spring, HED Cycling will release the Ardennes SL 650c to join their Jet and HED3 wheels for smaller riders.

The 650c Ardennes SL will be a clincher only with CX Ray spokes. Retail will be $1,1oo and claimed weight is 1,406g. HED will offer it with a Powertap rear hub, too. They use the same C2 rim extrusion as their 700c Ardennes rims, they just re-roll it into the smaller size. They’re shown above in front of HED’s standard 700c models.

HED’s rep said it’s been a long time since they’ve updated the 650c wheel line but that demand has been pretty high. The samples pictured above are already sold to a dealer in Texas that couldn’t wait for the production models.

The Jet6 and Jet9 650c wheels get the updated C2 rim profile, too, which is wider at 23mm outside width, up from the original 19mm. Compared the Ardennes, the Jet’s use a 3K carbon fairing glued on in either 60mm or 90mm depths, making them the more aerodynamic option.

SIDEBAR: The difference between 650c and 650b is 13mm and is a reference to the BSD (Bead Seat Diameter). The 650b has a larger diameter at the bead seat, measuring 584mm. A 650c rim should measure 571mm at the bead seat. To totally fry your brain, see Sheldon Brown’s complete guide to wheel sizes here.

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