misfit psycles idea contest looking for ways to grow and will pay you or otherwise reward your effortsMisfit Psycles is looking for ideas.

They want more friends. More followers. Cooler merch. Better growth.

If you fancy yourself talented enough to help them attract such things, owner Peter Keiller has spelled out the vast rewards open to you. Things like $25 for helping them get 500 more Twitter followers. A T-shirt. Even a Misfit Psycles belt drive-ready diSSent ALC frame. He might even say something nice about you.

Your ideas should be clever. Witty. Intelligent. Oh, and they shouldn’t cost anything.

Peter, they say you get what you pay for.

See what he’s paying after the break…


  1. I checked out their website, and i still have no idea what they are trying to sell or promote. My first recommendation is to simplify and clean up their terrible site.

  2. I’m with morganj (somewhat). I emailed them a while back very interested in a frame and received no response back. If they want to connect to customers, responding to them might be a better start than lame attempts at half-assed marketing. When you want something for nothing, you wonder what they give customers — I’d say “nothing”.

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