Team Garmin Barracuda might use magura hydraulic disc brakes on cervelo road bikes for 2012

The little post about the new Team Garmin-Barracuda kit and Castelli’s update revealed something quite interesting…Magura is signed on as a sponsor for the road-only pro cycling team.

It’s no secret that Magura is launching something big for road very soon. Their own people say not until February, but the Slipstream Sports team is set to roll into action at the Tour Down Under this weekend (Jan 15), so perhaps some eagle eyed fans will get a first look at what’s new.

The other obvious sponsor there is Rotor, but we’ve confirmed with them that they don’t have any magical new shifting systems up their sleeves, but also said “they’ll need some shifters to go with those brakes.” Either they’re being coy, or they’re just as in the dark as the rest of us.

At present, SRAM is still listed as a team sponsor on their website, but we suspect that’ll change for 2012 as it just doesn’t make sense that they’d split group up to run with brakes from another manufacturer, especially given the rumors that they’re working on their own hydraulic brake systems (oh, and yes, we’ve heard murmur that could even include hydraulic rim brakes!).

We’ve heard Cervelo, which is the team’s current bike sponsor, had some big news coming, but it was actually of a different type of bicycle. Whatever form that “big news” comes in, it’s good to see the brand is moving forward despite taking steps to sell the company.

At this point, we’re guessing the team will run with either custom integrated electronic shifting system from either Campy or, more likely, Shimano, or we’ll see something totally new. There’s rumor floating around it could be a road version of Acros’ hydraulic mountain bike shifters and derailleurs. The only thing we see holding that back would be fitting two master cylinders into a single shifter/lever unit, but hey, we’ve put people on the moon, right?


  1. isn’t the big news from cervelo the P5
    and didnt gamin buy shimano drive trains for its team?
    you know these could be cable pull rim brake road calipers and just a bunch of hype you guys are making
    (not saying i think its that, i hope its something new)

  2. I saw some Garmin riders at the Jayco Bay Crits and they were riding in full team gear so it seemed, but they were riding Shimano as some were reporting they would be.

    Weren’t there some rumors of Shimano hydraulic levers going around, maybe a prototype? Seems a little farfetched to me though.

  3. @h2ofuel – I don’t really think Shimano would team up with anyone and go on with a shared project. It’s not their style – I’m pretty sure if they do try to enter the hydraulic road brake market (which they will for sure), they will do it on their own.

  4. Mark W.-Not likely you’ll see non-hydro stuff from Magura. Just don’t see that happening.

    Mkrs-Shimano has actually in the past. There is this little mountain bike company called “FOX” they engineered the lock out for and worked with to come up with the 15mm thru axel standard.

  5. Sevo- Shimano already makes plenty of hydro brakes for the mtn bike market. So does Magura. Sourcing a competitor’s product for something that you already produce doesn’t make much sense.

  6. One rag is reporting that Garmin-Barracuda is buying Shimano gruppos out of pocket, which if true, would give them free reign to couple with Magura in something interesting.

  7. caliente-Doesn’t matter. We’re talking collaboration not take over. Shimano is smart, and letting Magura integrate their electronic goodies into their hydraulic makes sense. Or for that matter…Campy’s electro goodies.

    I could see Acros happening but in all honesty the R&D cycle seems tight. The system was just released what… a year ago? And that was after Acros fine tuned the design when they bought it (or licensed or whatever they did) off the original inventor of it. Have to move very quick to get buddy buddy and have a product ready by end of this month to unveil to the public. Most companies are looking at 2014 right now for development. If they did make this happen, well, expect amazing things from Magura over the next few years period!

    FYI….Shimano’s first brakes weren’t made in house. Nor is some of their other stuff. Solid rumors from solid peeps show collaboration with Sony on a power meter very possible. So don’t rule it out.

  8. Sevo,
    about that power meter,
    Pioneer, the stereo company, had a prototype power meter/computer head unit on display, i think it was at the taipei show last year? it happens to be that pioneer is literally down the street from shimano headquarters.
    none of this has been confirmed.

  9. @Sevo – cooperation between Shimano and Fox was (as far as I know) simply an agreement on applying a new wheel standard. Fox started to manufacture forks in a new standard and Shimano started to manufacture wheels compatible with this standard, that’s all. It wasn’ t technological cooperation per se, they weren’t actually developing the products together.

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