performance bike forte carbon fiber road bike pedal recallPerformance Bike has issued a recall on their 2011 Forté Pro Carbon Road Pedals because they may break or crack during use, potentially causing the rider to fall or lose control.

So far, they’ve received three reports of breakage but no injuries have been reported. About 2,900 pedals were sold online, in catalogs and retail stores from February through October 2011.

The model is black and made of carbon injected thermoplastic; the axle is black and made of chromium molybdenum steel with a black steel axle. The pedal has “Carbon” in red and “Forté” in white printed on it; “EPS-R” is embossed in the body. The bicycle pedals were manufactured in Taiwan. For more info click here (PDF link) or contact Performance at 800-553-8324 or via their website.


  1. @anon if it was a derailleur or a headset, I’d say it’s silly. But when it comes to contact points, which take a LOT of pressure and abuse from the rider, this was the only wise decision from them.

  2. If a headset fails, the steerer tube is still trapped inside the head tube and the whole stem assembly is held in place by bolts. So unless you’re descending a very technical stretch of a road with very high speed, most probably nothing serious will happen to you.

  3. I think I would rather have my pedal fail causing my foot to slip or unclip and possibly ruining my rhythm (if It was a mountain bike where I was bombing down some tech stuff standing up, then It would be a different story) than my derailleur break and get sucked into my wheel thus bring my rear end to a screeching halt and ripping my wheel right off it’s hub in the process.

    My point being is that is is a quick recovery from a pedal break..probably not much different than your cleat slipping out when you’re really cranking and the tension is set loose. It would be a much quicker recovery than a broken derailleur or even a headset. Sure, your wheel and bars will stay intact but you may have serious speed wobbles or even a locked up steerer, possibly even crack open the head tube on a carbon frame allowing the entire unit to come free from the rest of the bike.

  4. Had a pedal failure (or more specifically: a cleat failure), fell down, it hurt. On the other hand, I’ve never heard of a headset failure on a road bike that would end up in anything more than frustration. Like I said, even after failure the steerer tube is partially under control thanks to the stem mounting bolts. Therefore it’s not that dangerous.

    By the way, we’ve swerved a bit off topic, haven’t we?

  5. Having had a Crank Bros Candy C pedal axle snap while doing a standing sprint up a short climb on my cross bike on the road at 15-16mph, I can definitely state that you it really hurts when you instantly slam into the pavement due to pedal failure. Think about all that energy and body weight on the downstroke, and then having the axle snap which translates into you going down. Granted that it was the previous gen Candy, but Crank Bros never recalled that pedal even after I researched multiple failures of that same axle for that pedal… and hence the reason why I will never buy Crank Bros anything again. Google “Crank Bros Candy pedal failure”.

    So to stay on topic, I think it was prudent and proactive of Performance to recall this pedal as a failure can cause serious injury.

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