• Wired‘s Autopia blog is reporting that Pleasanton, CA, has installed radar at traffic intersections to help trigger green lights when cyclists are present. It can differentiate between cars and bicycles, too, letting it adjust the timing of traffic lights accordingly. Video above shows it in action, read more here.
  • Western Spirit just launched their US Pro Tour cycling trip. Running from August 19 to 26, you’ll follow the US Pro Tour from stage to stage with great food, access to expo and VIP areas and nice accommodations. Oh, and there should be some pretty good road riding, too!
  • CycleFilm is offering a free download of their Cycling Survival Guide, a 40-minute video to help you prep for Gran Fondo and Sportive riding. Just email them here for the download link.
  • Want one of the custom, limited edition Krautstache x Twin Six race t-shirts from the 2012 Southern Cross? Better register by January 14 to guarantee you’ll have one stuffed in your race packet. Oh, and we’ll be there, too and may just have some goodies to toss out after the race.
  • Indiana has apparently joined the ranks of states implementing a 3 Feet to Pass law. Thanks to a change in language, the new law clarifies the infraction and specifies not only the distance required between vehicle and cyclists but also that the passing vehicle is allowed to enter the opposite lane as is necessary and safe. Looks good to us!
  • Starving artist? Submit your design for the 2012 Amgen Tour of California Most Courageous Rider Jersey and you could win a trip to the race. Details here, and not only will you get to scavenge the VIP tents for food, but you’ll have deluxe accommodations at each stage and more!


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