…but only if you’re a high school girl that races. Sorry boys.

Here’s the details, also available on her Facebook page: If you’re a high school student and a girl, you can email Pua answers about where you go to school, what got you into riding and why you want to join her team for the 12 Hours of Temecula team relay mountain bike race.

One winner from each grade, freshman, sophomore, junior and senior- will win a spot on a 5-person team with Pua at the event on January 21, 2012. They’ll also get full race support, team kit and other schwag. Rules, contact info and more info at the link above.


  1. I remember watching Pua Sawicki’s old vids regarding training. They seemed to be really old school to me. Then I see her placing really well recently and began to open up my mind a bit more. I still think she either trains practically whenever she’s not sleeping, or she changed something, like training to address the challenges associated with a number of races in mind, rather than doing basic/general stuff like simply racking up miles and intervals and just getting time in the saddle. Either way, I am impressed with the results she’s been putting out.

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