Victoire Cycles releases the low flange version of their lightweight singlespeed and belt drive bicycle hubsFollowing the high flange hubs and other parts we posted this fall, Victoire Cycles has just debuted their LOW, a lightweight, low flange version.

Based on singlespeed track hubs, the LOW uses a 15mm axle and spins on the same bearings as their originals. To save weight, they’ve pared down the hub body and given them very low spoke flanges.

The changes come with no expected loss of strength or durability as suggested by this bit of the press release: “They are also strong as hell with a full 7075-T6 construction, 15mm axles, 6902 2RS bearings and Ti bolts.”

Pre-orders are now being taken, the initial run will be “very limited.”

While the original post showed some very pretty cogs of their design, this one here looks an awful lot like the “teeth” for a Gates Belt Drive.


What do you think?