road rash guard plastic skin protection for road cyclists

Road Rash Guard is the invention of Dr. Rob Wise and is essentially a set of plastic clamshells that clip to your shorts, jersey or arm/knee warmers to provide a buffer between you and the pavement.

With a weight of just 7g each and a flat inner surface, it’s designed to feel seamless on your skin. RRG claims the positions are pretty universal when it comes to suffering road rash, and by putting their guards on in the right place, you’ll minimize the damage to your skin. A set of four retails for $28.95.

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road rash guard plastic skin protection for road cyclists


  1. their website faq doesn’t include the question… “what about bruising”? we tell our rookies to wear an extra layer underneath their kit (an extra jersey or undershirt, boxer briefs) in their cat5 crits, if they’re worried about road rash – the sliding between layers pretty much eliminates road rash where they’re covered up. deep muscle bruising from landing on something, on the other hand…

  2. Call me sick, but was anyone else kind of hoping for a test-crash in the video? I mean, c’mon doc – let’s see these suckers in action…

  3. I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. It would definitely breathe better than wearing multiple layers, and since it protrudes I feel like it would offer better protection for uncovered areas of legs and arms when you’re on summer rides.

    Don’t quite understand all the hate this is getting.

  4. I bet this works out well. Yes you’re going to possibly bruise from them if you land directly on them but if you hit on the hip first (my usual spot) then that may not even happen. Either way you’re going to be stiff and sore from the crash. Seems like these might actually help. Would love to hear about some real life usage.

  5. The likelihood that you would land right on the spot you placed it, AND continued to slide on that one point it next to none. You might land on the device but most often you will roll in the process. And like others have said, it looks like it would do more damage from the impact. It would be like landing on a rock.
    Look at moto gp gear, it doesn’t cover a little spot but entire areas. The pictures in the video show that and a small plastic button isn’t going to prevent it.
    What you need instead is shorts with delrin plates. OR multiple layers works well too.

  6. bikerumor, go buy a couple turkeys, load one up with the guards, and run the other one naked, drive down the road, huck them out….examine.

    also, i think it makes for a safer pack because you can pick out the dousche(s) immediately, they will be the ones with black plastic things all over them, stay away from them, prevent road rash….

  7. dumb, dumb, dumb. Let’s see how well sponsors approve of their logo’s being obscured. Furthermore; your body is an amazing thing, it can absorb a tremendous amount of abuse. stop whining.

  8. Seriously?? if you are crashing so often that you require these, you need to stop cycling and pick up basket weaving. I ride cx, mtb,crits, road and have been through broken collar bones, road rash, dirt rash, etc..But seriously if you need these and are falling that much.. cycling is not for you

  9. cat 1 doper boils it down for us all. I agree, if you are crashing so many times that you actually are thinking of getting this, then yes, basket weaving is for you.

  10. Hitting the pavement one time at 20+ mph has left me with enough scars to spend the rest of my pedaling time on the dirt where I belong.

    Pavement sucks.

  11. this is priceless roadie ingenuity though..Dr. Wise indeed. he should go ahead and wear a Leatt while he’s at it. i would loc\ve to see his gopro footage during his own testing and development phase..dumbass.

  12. this is priceless roadie ingenuity though..Dr. Wise indeed. he should go ahead and wear a Leatt while he’s at it. i would love to see his gopro footage during his own testing and development phase..dumbass.

  13. Besides likely concentrating impact force over a smaller area and possibly increasing the odds for getting a fracture, I would think the inside portion of this thing might cause flesh to get a bit sore as it rubs against skin over a day in the saddle.

  14. I can see it now…roadies will start going freestyle…pull’n indie grinds off walls/crash barriers and pushing off …a pair of tights and some arm-warmers and I bet I could smith-grind a avalanche tunnel. Roflol….

  15. The elasticity of lycra cycling kit will almost guarantee that these pucks won’t end up where the impact/slide will occur. Instead, I envision them helping to tear a hole in the material, probably leaving you more exposed to the pavement. Moto suit pucks stay in place because the material is stronger, and suits are often custom fit.

    $29 is a little bit steep for 28g of plastic. At quantities of, oh, let’s say 10,000 pieces, these little clamshells might cost $.50 each. So a very conservative total cost of goods = $2. Can I have $26 more hype please? Cause this video doesn’t make me want to buy.

  16. Sliders work on thick motorcycle leathers because the slider is intended to protect the leather where there is temporary known road contact when knee dragging. Once you are thrown off the bike the leathers, boots, gloves & helmet do the work protecting the rider, sliders don’t help there.

    I predict this will be a Bikerumor Monday Mystery Pic in a couple years.

  17. Road Rash Guard crash tested at last year’s Spring crit series:

    Bruise at site of Road Rash Guard might look nasty but it disappeared within a week because it never broke skin. Simplicity of the product lies in that it is placed strategically over areas that are prone to receive road rash. Small footprint of the device protects a larger skin area- keeps skin away from pavement as it slides along. like gee’s turkey idea..

  18. Broke my the bone ataching to my hip once, wearing a sturdy short, no rash for the hip and i recovered without surgery. with this thingy my bone would’ve been dislocated and in need of surgery 4 sure!
    Good idea @ first, but…. no lets invent something else!

  19. Niels – “but… lets invent something else!”

    How about premium race grade, heavy weight 1.7mm cowhide shorts & jerseys that are double and triple stitched in high abrasion and impact areas?

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