Cervelo R5ca Sram red build featuring Zipp components and edge wheels


What is black, red, and light all over?  This beautiful collection of components hanging off of one of the industry’s most sought-after frames.  Not that we haven’t posted Cervelo R5ca frames before, seen Sram Red in a thousand different configurations, already posted the company change from Edge to Enve, or even some fairly stock seatpost/stem/handlebar selections made, it’s always nice to see everything put together in a nice little package.  The guys at Freshbikes in Arlington, VA have posted some top-range rigs recently, and this is another example of product you may see on the sales floor when visiting their shop.  Further details of this build and pics of the bike on the scale after the break…

This may look like a fairly straightforward build, but as we have seen before, the devil is always in the details.  Freshbikes Technical Director Greg Thomas has put together a beautiful example of everyday, race-proven componentry installed on an incredibly light frame.  This build comes in at 5.16kg(11.39lbs) and is absolutely ready to conquer everything from the biggest mountains to everyday abuse from training.


Cervelo R5ca Drivetrain Zipp VumaQuad crank & Sram Red Black rear der

Drivetrain components for this rig include a Zipp VumaQuad crankset, Sram Red Black front & rear derailleurs, Sram Red Black cassette, and a KMC X10SL gold chain.  A solid shifting system, this mix of componentry has proven to be as reliable as it is light.  Many apologies for the lack of current decals on the wheelset.  This is the lightest set of wheels we had glued up, and it is never fair to give final weights without accounting for tubular glue.  This edge 1.25/dt 190 ceramic wheelset is still a fantastic performer, but could use an update.


Cervelo R5ca cockpit featuring Sram red shifters and a Zipp bar/stem combo

The handlebar setup for this bike is extremely straightforward.  Sram Red Black shifters mounted to a Zipp SL handlebar mated to a Zipp SL speed stem.  This traditional front end not only looks pretty deluxe on this bike, it is also extremely adjustable, fairly light, and extremely stiff.


Cervelo R5ca with an EE brake caliper rear view

Thanks to Craig Edwards of EE Cycleworks, the EE brake is still king.  Extremely light, easily installed, and a fantastic performer, the EE brakes are hard to beat.  Also featured in this setup are the new Platinum pads from Zipp.  The seatpost didn’t quite make this photo, but it is a 3T Doric LTD post with a Fizik CX carbon rail saddle.


Cervelo R5ca on the scale at 11.39lbs


Check it out, on the scale sans pedals at 11.39lbs.  These are tubular wheels, and the frame is a bit pricey, but for the most part this is an “off the shelf” build.  Updates to this setup may include a swanky handlebar/stem setup for some of the German super light companies, and a more current wheelset would look the part a bit better.  Who knows, maybe Zipp will come out with a carbon clincher version of a lighter weight wheel so we could match the rest of the components a little better…  Happy Holidays.


  1. I love it when a bike’s weight is quoted, “without pedals”

    I find this chimes with my real-world experience and that they are merely heavy foot rests…

  2. I agree with Atgani, especially with the line “it is never fair to give final weights without accounting for tubular glue”. HaHa, oh well, still a nice bike.

  3. I built one of these a while back – same wheels, but Schmolke/Tune/Syntace finishing kit and Di2. Tipped the scales at 4.99kg (with pedals). Rode fantastically as well!

    The VumaQuads aren’t ISIS by the way – http://zipp.com/cranks/vumaquad/ You need something along these lines to work with the BBRight bottom bracket. We used a Clavicula, but had to wait for extra spacers from germany.

  4. mattL – They swapped it out b/c none of the Cervelo fan boys would ride it unless it was Zipp. Nevermind the Quality!

  5. “the frame is a bit pricey” That’s a slight understatement, don’t you think? $9800 for a frameset makes it one of the most expensive framesets out there….

  6. Beautiful bike, but really, the wheels could use an update? Need “a more current wheelset”? Because they say ‘edge’ instead of ‘enve’? The rims haven’t changed, only the company’s name. Your customer’s are focusing on the wrong thing if they are worried about what the stickers on the rims say.

  7. kcr,
    the rims have changed. they have made revisions to the resins, or at least i hope they have. the old ones would heat damage very easily, even on the tubulars.
    you criticize our customers, but above you, some Bunny is bashing non-matching brands on the bike.
    the smooth black tape looks loosely wrapped because of the white edges. i wish the underside was black as well. possibly a touch loose at the hood.
    haters, all. but i hate on other postings here too, so who am i to judge.

  8. The feather brakes are called EE brakes now?
    Or, they didn’t brakes, because they look very similar.
    Also, that frame looks awfully thin; must be a rider weight limit.

  9. I love the build; that cervelo frame is best looking frame out right now.
    But, must admit the gold kmc chain sticks out, in a bad way aesthetically.

    Anyways, how does the bike ride? Would like to know from the builders.

  10. How does the bike ride you ask? Im sure its what the makers say every year or so. 13% stiffer while being even more vertically compliant. Give em another year and the newer on will be even stiffer w more vertical compliance. Im looking forward to seeing that bike at the coffee shop owned by some overweight 1% er.

  11. sully,

    Bike manufacturer can’t come out make all these claims without backing up with research done by them and by independent organizations. I know there is a company in Germany that does all these independent tests, and I read that this cervelo frame had one of the highest stiffest to weight ratio. And, at 800 grams for a frame, that’s pretty remarkable.

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