there i fixed it twin bmx bike
  • Well, we didn’t think it could get much less practical than the Side by Side Bicycle we posted, but this bench seat BMX hack takes the cake. Bonus: each rider can steer in their own direction. Speechless.
  • A new kickstarter campaign this week, this time from My Alibi Clothing raising money to produce a line of functional women’s active clothing. This Kickstarter stuff is exciting as it allows you to vote with your money for the products you would like to see developed! At each level of giving you will receive a gift in exchange. Check out this new cycling friendly clothing line and see if it fits your lifestyle.
  • CXMagazine reports that USA Cycling has selected three cities as finalists for the 2014/2015 Cyclocross National Championships. Go Asheville!
  • Z Corporation (maker of 3D printers), in partnership with PinkBike, has announced a new reality show for engineering students called “Reality Redesigned” that will take 3 finalists in 3 categories of mountain bike design and have them compete to get their designs manufactured and tested by a pro rider. The online reality show is produced as curriculum for science, technology, engineering and mathematics teachers across the country. Find out how to enter here.
  • It might be a little late to get one of these for Christmas morning, but CamelBak is selling limited edition Groove bottles with each purchase giving $10 towards’s mission of providing safe and clean water for all. Matt Damon takes a break from his work at the Zoo and supports this cause with a cameo as Santa Claus after the break.

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