Derringer Cycle bespoke gasoline engine powered bicycle moped

Using a 49cc engine and pedals, the Derringer Cycle’s bikes may just qualify as a moped for your locale, but they definitely qualify as beautiful.

Built custom for the buyer, each Derringer can be as unique as you want, including custom Brooks leather accessories and bags. Motorized bikes start at about $3,500. We’d tell you more, but they’re apparently all on holiday already. Click through for more pics, check out a non-motorized singlespeed here and try to win one here.

Derringer Cycle bespoke gasoline engine powered bicycle moped

Derringer Cycle bespoke gasoline engine powered bicycle moped

Derringer Cycle bespoke gasoline engine powered bicycle moped

Derringer Cycle bespoke gasoline engine powered bicycle moped


  1. I wonder what sort of feller you’d see riding one of these?
    It looks like a steampunk moped for a hipster douchebag that can’t quite pedal a fixie.

  2. Even though I’m not much interested in motorized bicycles, these are darned good lookin’, and I’m happy to see them here. As for the “no internal combustion engines” crowd, cave in on this one and next thing you know, they won’t let you review roof racks because someone night put one on a car.

    Besides, the very name DERRINGER CYCLES is so cool I can hardly stand it.

    A name like that should come into town riding a fire-breathing velociraptor and equipped with a chainsaw made of lightsabers or something. We mortals must averteth our eyes as we stand transfixed in awe of its awesome awesomeness.

  3. To all you motor hating junkies.. get a life it’s got pedals too. As for Max, man lay of the caffine and get out in the sun a little more. I think the fanatsy wolrd has taken up a little too much space in your brain. Seriously a chainsaw made of lightsabers…. these are gorgeous cafe racer designs and i’d gladly spend the 3k or so to own one of these bad boys before purchasing a carbon frame for that amount.

  4. for that much I’d rather get a real motorcycle.

    these might look kinda cool, but I know if I saw one being ridden I’d probably laugh.

  5. While these look kinda cool, I’d love to see one in person to judge the quality of them. They obviously spent about $1.50 on the crank and pedals, and the frame and forks look like cheap Walmart quality cruisers from these pics. Slap on a Chinese knockoff motor, a Roland Sands replica tank, lay the bars down, give it the Brooks saddle and colored spokes, and voila, you’ve got a $3500 hipster board track replica special. It says custom made for the buyer, and their website shows a guy “building” one there (I’m sure they mean assembling), but I think the custom part is the color and the add ons. Aside from the Brooks stuff, it looks like low end junk all prettied up. Just my opinion though, yours is free to vary. 🙂

  6. there are some rock-a-billy guys in my neighborhood that have mated old beach cruisers with various types of small motors….pretty bad ass. i dont know about buying an expensive one though

  7. Stunning (and I’m not just talking about the sanctimony in some of the posts…although that’s stunning in a different way.)

    Way to go, Derringer Cycles. Something new, unique and flat out gorgeous brought into the world.

    Breck MF Epic

  8. Shredder got it. Cheap $100 china kit engine, a rag joint fabric sprocket adapter that bolts to the SPOKES fer cryin’ out loud. They don’t even swap out the flimsy kit chain tensioner that’ll suck a chain right into a wheel seizure. $3500? Sure for those with more money than brains and don’t plan on really riding it, lol

  9. Nothing “new” here, it’s a throwback to the days of Whizzer motors mounted on Schwinn cruisers. Looks neat sitting still, but that’s about it.

  10. I must be missing something…where are the brakes? I see some cable running down to the front wheel but no disc. Nothing at the back wheel either. Somebody clue me in…

  11. A true beauty. Those living above rocks rather than under will realise we need to embrace “less is more” to survive. Many folk do realise this and actually love seeing alternative type bikes even if they are not up for one. Top marks Derringer.

  12. For all you motor hatin (deleted) out there. Fossil fuels are cleaner in the long run. How much carbon do you think was “belched into the air mining and refining the lithium in your batteries? Then whatcha gonna do with the sh** when the batteries are done?

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