2012 Corima Winium XC Tubular carbon fiber mountain bike wheels in 26 and 29er coming soon

Corima has posted their first ever mountain bike tubular wheelset online. Technically, we think it’s their first ever mountain bike wheelset, period. Called the Winium XC 26, they’re tubular only and for 26″ tires. Our snoop has uncovered plans for a 29er model coming later in 2012, though.

The rims use Corima’s trademark 12K weave pattern, which is gorgeous, as well as their 12/8 spoke pattern. They are 24.5mm wide and 19mm deep. They’re laced with CX-Ray spokes in a 3-cross 12-spoke drive side and 2-cross 8-spoke non drive for the rear. That pattern and count is flip-flopped on the front, putting more spokes on the disc rotor side. The hubs use a CenterLock rotor mount.

Claimed weights are 560g front and 700 rear without the included skewers.

Hat tip to Dan W. for the info!


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