2012 SRAM X9 trigger shifters get ball bearings instead of bushings

Beginning in 2012, all SRAM x9 trigger shifters get ball bearings in the pivot, replacing the bushings in the current model.

The tech trickles down from XX and X0 and should give them a more solid feel when shifting and increase durability. All variations – 3×9, 2×10 and 3×10 – and colors get the upgrade. Inside look past the break…

2012 SRAM X9 trigger shifters get ball bearings instead of bushings


  1. Any chance the paddles will be available as aftermarket parts?

    I’d like ball bearing paddles in my X9’s, but it wouldn’t be worth buying a new set of shifters.

  2. In case of Red the better feel comes not from smoother action but from shorter lever travel. So this is a totally different kind of a difference…

  3. I’m happy bout it. My only complaint with the X9 group has been lever feel (compared to X0 or XX). Less slop than X7, sure, but more muted than the higher end stuff.

    However, what I really would like addressed are the XX brakes. Dear sram, why do I has to run formula brakes to maintain my sanity? Sincerely, someone.

  4. Shimano still feels lighter and smoother. Too bad their paddles feel a little thin and light as opposed to the solid feel these give, if you like that solid feel.

    My X0 shift paddles bent upward on a crash, so they contact the back thumb shifter. Bent them back but it happened again. Kind of would like to know about a replacement for a composite version too.

  5. Hopefully this isn’t the only change to 10 speed x9 shifters. The older 9 speed x9 shifters were outstanding. Crisp and precise. The 10 speed versions are a joke. At best they are on par with 9 speed x7 but in my opinion they are worse and are hardly differentiated from 10 speed x7. Not only that but the 10 speed x7 and x9 shifters have been plagued with quality problems leading to a large number of warranty replacements.

    The only 10 speed Sram shifters worth owning are XO or XX, unfortunately they are way overpriced especially when compared to the latest XT 10 speed shifters which are a huge improvement over the 9 speed XT’s.

    When Sram stumbles, Shimano seems to step up and vice versa. It is a good thing that we have competition to keep everyone in check. A good lesson that die hard brand loyalists could benefit from.

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