side by side bicycle built for two with instructions on how to make your own lateral tandem bikeIf this idea were a car, I would be dead by now.

Thanks to Instructables, you can also risk life, limb and marriage and build your own Side by Side (aka Socialable. aka Buddy Bike). Start with a standard frame, then modify to put two saddles and a wider handlebar.

Presumably, you’d want to use strong enough wheels and brakes to handle the extra load, too. Oh, and perhaps two sets of brake levers just to make things a little more interesting.

Video after the break…


  1. Once upon a time back in 1989 or so, a friend and I rented a bike like this in downtown Sacramento. It was pretty tricky to get going at first, but after a mile or so it wasn’t too bad. On the bike path we were riding there were metal poles across the path to keep cars from driving there. Making the hole shot through those was a little scary…

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