Chances are you have a pair of old cycling shorts that have been pushed out of your regular rotation, forgotten in the back of the drawer. Now you can give them a new life.

I’ve found that many winter rights tights put wind blocking material over the knees and thighs only to stop short of the most critical parts, leaving your crotch subject to arctic air blowing across your bits and pieces at 15-20mph. If the tights have a chamois built in, the problem is compounded because it’s not practical to wear separate bike shorts underneath.

With a pair of small cosmetic scissors, carefully snip the edge stitching on the chamois of your old shorts and remove it. Then, simply slip them on over your tights. They’ll add a layer to help block the wind, and it’s a great way to use a pair with a less than perfect chamois or worn out gripper or elastic.


  1. Good tip – been doing this a long time. I also double up on the UA boxerjocks (baselayer undies) for winter runs and soccer games.

  2. Good tip…I discovered that cold wind blowing against my crotch yesterday when I went for a road ride in 17-degree weather (my coldest ride in well over 20 years). Thermal bib tights weren’t enough…I thought of stuffing newspaper down there or something to keep the “crotchcicle” from freezing solid 😉

  3. Just been shown this article! What a good idea! You have definitely put the cycling into recycling here. Badumpsssh.

    Any plans to do a post on how to prepare your rear for saddle seat after a winter of using petrol not pedal power?

    *dread is setting in*

    Keep on posting!


    http://www.goactivities.co.uk xx

  4. Cheap alternatives:

    zip lock baggies – between layers or if you are feeling adventurous?
    the free plastic bag your newspaper is placed and delivered in – same deal
    newspaper – between layers of clothing
    an old synthetic wool hat

    last one –
    a really really small scarf.

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