2012 Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team road bike shoes cooled with xylitol

Much like that sugar-free mint gum you chew to freshen up after the mandatory post-ride burrito, Louis Garneau’s new Carbon Pro Team shoes use Xylitol for its cooling effect.

The “Ice-Fil” insole uses a xylitol surface treatment, letting your foot’s perspiration convert to a refrigerant (their words), helping keep feet cool.  Adding to the cooling properties are added ventilation on the carbon sole, helping more air get in and out to keep feet dry, too.

Other new features are their X-Lite Outsole, their lightest outsole that’s also very thin. LG claims this puts the foot closer to the pedal for better power transfer. The HRS-300 heel cup has an internal polymer system to secure the foot better and reduce slippage. On top, three straps (two Velcro, one with their lightweight Micro-Ratchet) keep the rest of your foot in place.

Claimed weight is 8.39oz (238g) for a size 41. MSRP is $329.99 and they’ll be available in Red and Black come January 2012. Look for Thomas Voeckler and David Veilleux to be rockin’ them next season. Click through for more pics…

2012 Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team road bike shoes cooled with xylitol

One big question we have is whether the xylitol surface treatment will wear off or wear out over time. That’s why we’ve got a set on order for review next year…when it warms up. No need to refrigerate our tootsies when Mother Nature’s doing a darn fine job of it at present.

2012 Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team road bike shoes cooled with xylitol


  1. my feet never felt so minty fresh!

    just another gimmick. but it does look like a great hot day shoe with all the vents and there old shoes were comfy IMO.

  2. Still don’t know why in this day & age they manufactures don’t make the heel & toe pads replaceable…and yes Sidi are still the best non-custom molded shoe around…

  3. …and why do we persist in publishing single shoe weights, you can’t buy one shoe and most cyclists have two feet; no disrespect intended…

  4. I hate when compagny come out with product that does not work. Icefil does not work in sock, shoes, only in clothing the effect is noticeable. This brand is always about bling bling bull tech. When will they come out with a product that they did not copy.

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