Rock the Bike Fender Blender Pro pedal powered bicycle blender

Alright, we’re teasing a bit with that headline, this is really two separate stories with a bit of overlap.

Above, the Rock the Bike Fender Blender Pro is a great party piece that actually works. I’ve tasted the results of someone else’s hard work and adult ingredients at Sea Otter on more than one occasion thanks to this thing. It’s available to rent with or without their crew, and they’ll ship anywhere in the U.S. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller but just as capable of mixing up smoothies and daiquiris, check out the Fender Blender Universale for $249. It mounts to a rear rack and works on any bike. It’s pictured after the break along with an opportunity to get them to visit the school of your choice to show kids how alternative energy and bikes are cool!

Rock the Bike has free shipping on everything they make through December 14.

Rock the Bike pedal powered school demonstrations show kids and students alternative energy

PRESS RELEASE: We want to work with kids more, so we will do 3 Pedal Powered events at no charge in local schools in the coming year.

A good school assembly can charge us up for weeks. We’re creating 3 Pedal Powered events and turning to you for ideas. Will it be another school dance or Pedal Powered Prom? A Global Warming Assembly? Or a small group lesson on the science of Pedal Power? How about a Problem-Solving team-building session at Rock The Bike’s workshop, where we build something together? We’re reaching out to you to find three schools that we can bike to in the San Francisco / Oakland / Berkeley area. We’ve already committed to doing 2 school visits with Common Vision when their tree-planting tour comes to the Bay Area in March.


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