Looking for a gift idea for that cycling in your life who has everything? Look no further…

They’re probably stuffing their phone, ID and cash into a ziplock sandwich bag, before it goes into the jersey pocket. While one has to appreciate the effectiveness and low cost of a baggie, it’s not doing justice to the amount of money already spent on the phone, cycling clothes and bike…

So Capo has created a Phone Pouch. It is made of a similar water resistant fabric to a wind/rain jacket, with a water tight zipper, and retails for $20.

I’ve used one for a couple rides, and it’s nice. Obviously better looking than a baggie and a little easier to open while wearing full finger gloves. It is also thin enough to sort of see your phone’s screen through and I was able to answer my phone via the touch screen while it was still inside.


  1. Maybe i’m just completely unaware of this magic material, but based on the picture where it’s mesh that’s partially see-through and the fact that you can still somewhat see the screen and use the touchscreen on it, I fail to see how it’s more waterproof than a sandwich bag..

  2. I just buy all my cycling buddies a bag of zip-loks for Christmas. Thought that’s what everyone did… Besides, Chatty Cathy, we talkin’ on the phone or ridin’?

  3. so where can you buy these? can’t find them for sale anywhere. a link to where they were actually for sale would’ve been helpful.

  4. @kilo -The page on Capo’s site I linked to included a Dealer Locator link. I’m not aware of who might be selling these online, as I got mine from a local dealer.

    @Chris- while the photo looks makes it look mesh-ish, it’s a coated nylon.

    @Nathan -I’m the habitual late-comer. Gotta answer those whereyouat? calls with the obligatory, “I’m RIGHT around the corner…”

  5. The beauty of a ziplock (aside from the fact that the price is negligable), is that one can operate their phone from within the bag. That would drive me nuts to not have that ability, or have it otherwise obstructed. Ziplocks wear out easily, but they cost pennies!

    I saw somewhere that someone makes a see-through, heavier-duty ziplock bag for this purpose, but I can’t remember if the plastic was too thick for touchscreen operations.

  6. Oh, and the article above says the fabric is water resistant, now why the hell would I put my expensive phone in a water resistant bag? It better damed well be water proof. You know, like a ziplock.

  7. You know, not everybody likes doing the absolute bare minimum for things, like putting their crap in a sandwich bag. Do you guys also cut holes in kitchen bags and wear that instead of rain jackets? Stuff your jerseys with newspaper instead of baselayers? You probably all own Trek 1.1s too, right? I mean, why spend a single, solitary dime more than is necessary for something that serves the same function?

    and not to be a raving hippie, but using up and throwing away a boxes of plastic sandwich bags each year isn’t exactly the best choice for our environment.

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