Green Grips organic cotton bicycle handlebar tapeIf you’re looking to do a classic build and want to keep it environmentally friendly or don’t like leather, Green Grips’ organic cotton handlebar tape could be for you.

It comes only in this natural color and sells for $10 per roll. Two rolls are needed for a standard wrap job. They also have a standard “Eco-Friendly” cotton wrap that’s available in a whopping 26 colors for just $6 per roll. Width is 1″ x 3 yards per roll.

Top it all off with natural or plastic cork bar end plugs, shown after the break…

Green Grips cork and plastic cork bar end plugs

The Natural Cork bar plugs are just $3 each and have a wooden cap. The plastic capped version is $2.50 each but definitely doesn’t have the same retro appeal.


  1. Hmmmm… the eco-friendleness is cancelled out by the fact that you need to buy two rolls at a time thus waisting twice as much packing material….. good idea. poor execution

  2. How are the cork or plastic bungs friendly to the environment? Does the glue contain no solvent?
    Anyone want to buy some “eco” depleted uranium? It’s organic!

  3. I’ve been re-using wine/champagne/belgian beer corks for years on my bikes. Can’t get more green than that, plus it looks classier than these and you can change-up your ‘flavor’ depending on the season!

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