Check out this neat new bike lighting system for commuting. Recently funded by using a Kickstarter campaign, the guys at Revolights have finished their rounds of prototyping and will have lights ready to ship in March 2012. Click the link to their website for specs and to sign up to be notified by email when the lights are ready for purchase.


  1. I’m still young and somewhat foolish when it comes to gear like this. I’m sure those rims or the material needed to create this would double the weight of my 1215g wheelset 🙁

  2. For commuters this would be perfect. The ones who don’t care about their 1215g wheelset. As a fellow weight weenie myself, you don’t have light wheels until you hit the sub 1000g mark. You’re running lead weights for wheels my friend.

  3. This is nothing new. Check out a bunch of Youtube videos showing even wilder, more in-your-face designs. Revolights, you’re once again late to the party. Fail.

  4. I’d wager that Revolights wasn’t going for “wilder, more in-your-face” designs. Apparently they don’t care about having a pretty image displayed as a wheel spins. Certainly, their setup is likely better in terms of reliability since they don’t have kludge with a circuit board strapped to a spoke. As far as I’ve seen, Revolights appears to be the most logical design so far among the LED illuminated wheel crowd. It’s certainly not perfect, but it’s a good start.

  5. 1000g, 1215g…no matter. I hope than nobody is commuting on wheels like that.

    Personally I’m all for this kind of thing. Late or not…nobody is marketing them as a product, at least not widely available!

    I got hit by a car just this morning…with my lights and reflective stuff on…I’ll be in the market for more light, like this, since simple front and rear lights aren’t enough for all drivers to see.

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