Fyxation Gates pedal strap for urban bikes and commuter bicycles

Fyxation has just released their new Gates Pedal Straps. Unlike most everything from them, they’re only available in black or white, but you can match them up with any color pedal you like. The combo is $59.95, or you can get just the strap for $43.95, making the combo deal a pretty compelling offer. Check the white strap after the break…

Fyxation Gates Pedal Strap in white for BMX and fixies


  1. They literally took Hold Fast’s design and put their name on it. I will argue that Hold Fast’s are far, far superior to Power Grips. They’re much better made, don’t use that idiotic diagonal design and have a heavy duty adjustable velcro strap. Although they’re designed with fgfs in mind they work great for winter riding in clunky boots when clips wont fit.

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