Specialized McLaren Venge road bike shipping and weighed in US bike shop

A while back we got a close up look at the Specialized Venge S-Works frameset before our Specialized PR guy even knew they were shipping (granted, that’s not his job), and now we’ve got what’s claiming to be the first McLaren version to ship to the States.

Word is this is the only one in the U.S. and unless you’ve already plunked down the $18,000, it’s not going to you. Seriously.

Specialized McLaren Venge road bike shipping and weighed in US bike shop

Our spy couldn’t get a shot of it on the scale but says it weighed in at exactly 14.0 pounds for the size 56 without pedals.

Specialized McLaren Venge road bike shipping and weighed in US bike shop

The McLaren version comes with eeCycles eeBrakes and Zipp cork Tangente Pro brake pads (good catch, Rob!).

Thanks to Robert for the tip!


  1. I know that shop! It’s Surf City Cyclery in Huntington Beach, CA. I don’t think divulging it will spoil anything since anyone that has been in it will recognize the shop from the pictures. I wish I knew if my wife had spent $18,000 lately!

  2. I at least have to give Specialized some credit for figuring out how to sell an already overpriced $9,200 bicycle for $18,000… and even more, they managed to do it without Bono signing it.

  3. Hopefully the owner of this thing wears a matching jersey- better to pick the tool out of a line-up on the patio of the local Starbucks.

  4. I love that on an $18,000 bike that the best they could come up with to prevent the DI2 battery from flopping around was a zip tie. This bike really is an awful joke. Almost certainly the person receiving it would be better of riding a custom, made to fit them specifically, bike. There are an awful lot of really good custom builders out there.

  5. For $18K, shoot for $9K, they should have integrated to batter into the frame. I suppose if you are dropping this much on a bike, that the ~$500 for the Calfee internal battery conversion is chump change.

  6. Can a custom bike builder make this bike though? With the same stiffness and all that jazz? There isn’t a factory in the states that could properly make this machine. It’s an out of this world bike, with a crazy price tag, that few of us will ever ride or consider purchasing… so perhaps hold the shit talking until you give it a ride? Hey, I’m sure your fancy carbon road bike ‘is just as nice for you’… Specialized charging this for this is just as crazy as a few other random road brands with bikes over 10k that still use cheap carbon and lay up design.

  7. Look, it’s a piece of history. I think anyone that appreciates a well-designed bike will appreciate this. The money spent developing this will trickle down and everyone will benefit from it.

    If it was up to some of you, we’d still be riding with downtube shifters and exposed brake cables (not that I don’t have a bike that is still set up that way).

  8. Dork charriot. And for such an allegedly aerodynamic bike, tell me that eeCycles front brake is slippery in the wind.

    Spend $5000 on a bike and a coaching program, work hard and you’ll actually be faster. Instead of a poser.

  9. @ Daniel

    I agree that $18,000 is pretty ludicrous, but at the same time I think it’s equally ludicrous to spend that amount of money on a custom bike. With a properly sized frame, the vast majority of the population can pretty easily get a bike that exactly fits them simply by swapping saddles, stem, seatpost and bars…so about $200.

  10. It’s certainly a beautiful bike. It could be the price is justified given the R&D required, the materials, and what production costs. Since no one posting here or anyone outside Specialized or McLaren knows those costs, that question will remain unanswered.

    I hope the person who receives this on Christmas likes it. Certainly buying or getting such a bike says nothing about what kind of rider or person someone is. All it says is that someone had enough money to get it. Good for them.

    Good engineering is beautiful.

  11. For $18,000 you’re getting an awesome bike but you’re also paying for marketing, hype, and that little McLaren logo. Is it $12,000 better than an awesome $6000 bike? Probably not.

    I only hope this bike sees some competitive use….even if its in the 55+Masters group.

  12. Wow, sounds like sour grapes jealousy reigns supreme out in the cycling cyber world. The term “tool” seems to be thrown around like candy on Halloween. And why? Because he can afford it and you can’t? Does that mean that since you drive a Prius that everyone driving a Lexus is a tool because he can afford it and you can’t? Wait, I think I know how you’ll answer. Of course they are. Because you drive a Prius, so everyone who doesn’t is a tool. Anyway, my point is that you have not a clue in this world who bought this bike and who is going to be the one fortunate enough to ride it, so get over it. It’s not you, so you have nothing to worry about.

  13. To each his own and I’m sure someone will be real proud to hang that thing in the garage between their Dodge Prowler and Chevy SSR, but if you put 10.5 ounces of gold next to that bike and told me I could only pick one, I’d take the gold all day, every day without a single moment of hesitation.

    There is nothing about that bike that I find even remotely compelling or interesting (and as a big F1 and Jenson Button fan, the McLaren name does mean something to me), unlike any number of drool-worthy custom, hand-made rigs that can be bought for half that price.

  14. Who cares what they charge for it? You don’t have to buy it; no one is forcing you. Since that is true, the only reason you can complain is because you are jealous that you can’t afford this bike… because you really DO want it. I can’t imagine having $18,000 to spend on a bike and, yes, I would love to have this one, but that doesn’t mean I have to jealously bash it to cover my unfulfilled want.

    It’s an advanced and modern bike with an already impressive track record without even being publicly released. It might not be the best bike for you but that doesn’t make it a bad bike.

  15. for 18,000, i think i would much rather buy the new Ducati 1199 Panigale instead.

    and what’s with the spacers on the steer tube? that bike should not come with spacers.

  16. Look, another cookie cutter Specialized thats got to be better then everything else. $18,000 get real. Just because Specialized saturates the market with their BS and hype dosen’t make them better. Oh, but I guess they put D2i and Zipps on it, this changes everything. NOT!

  17. “that guy in that Porsche 911gt3 is a tool. probably doesn’t even trackday it.”
    “that ferrari is not $250,000 better than my civic”

  18. Has anyone complaining actually researched how much a top-end full carbon custom frame actually costs?

    Crumpton Corsa: 5300
    Alchemy standard: 3900/ aero: 4700
    Parlee z5 sl: 5500
    AX Lightness frame: 5300

    Stock Frames

    Cervelo R5: 4900–stock
    Cervelo s5 vwd: 5900
    Specialized Sworks venge: 4400
    Pinarello Dogma 2: 5700
    BH G5: 3900
    BH Ultralight: 4300

    I don’t buy into the “you get what you pay for” adage completely, but nothing is cheap. Any of these bikes parted up this way would put you well at 10 grand. For some reason, the bicycling industry commentators seem to be the only ones that don’t realize that carbon fiber is expensive.

  19. This is simply Specialized’s one-up to Cervelo’s R5ca. There is room for this in our market, it gives us industry folk a reason to work. It adds value to the industry that keeps your hobby alive and striving. I agree, $18,000 is a tad excessive. I doubt the molds/layup cost that much but you truly are paying for a name here. When you buy a Shelby Cobra it is more expensive than a Mustang off the floor, right?

    I’m the largest Specialized critic. I worked there. I have ridden their product. There is no doubt that the bike will be fantastic and it isn’t for everybody. We don’t all drive a Lotus or Ferrari to work…but for the elite few that can…it doesn’t matter how big their dick is, because they can afford it. Even if it’s only used on sunday afteroons or to be leaned up against a Starbucks window. There is a market for this bike no matter how limited or douchy it is.

    I can’t afford it. It is a tad over-zealous. But, I also recognize that without it our industry doesn’t progress.

  20. Comparing this to a car or motorcycle is pointless. A Ferrari, Cobra, or a Ducati have numerous tangible differences over competitors in their categories. An 1198 Duck has a V-twin and a Honda has an in-line 4. The Duck has Ohlins suspension, the Honda has Showa. Traction control, slipper clutches… it goes on and on.

    Road bikes share dimensions within millimeters of each other within sizes. You can buy the same drivetrain, saddle, bars, and stem and put on a blindfold and you have a glorified vodka tasting contest.

    I agree that there a trickle down effect on the industry, but I am afraid the stuff that is trickling down is not what you think it is….

  21. Some of you have the nasty habit to compare cars with bicycles. So here’s this: Someone who spends $18.000 for a device without engine (no matter his social or economical status) is a TOOL. Period.

  22. I will never understand why people complain about a bike like this costing 18k. Would I pay 18k for a bike, no. But if someone else wants to, so be it. It’s like a supercar, it’s not for everyone, but it’s still interesting to check out.

  23. Those of you that have a problem with this bike clearly can’t see the forest through the trees. Have any of the other bike manufactures collaborated with a f1 race company… No. Don’t knock specialized for trying something different and trying to push the limits of carbon fiber in a way nobody else has even tried. So what if its 18k, it has extremely limited availability, and It is built with newest carbon layup process. Its not about hype, Its not about turning a profit on a mcclarren venge. Its about Innovation and pushing the limits of engineering a bicycle. 2 years from now the tarmac SL 5 will probably have the same layup process. It just takes a few years for this to trickle down, we all know this so get off your high horse and realize that this bike will lead to your next bike being better.

    PS Boonen will own on this bike just like Cavs did

  24. Everyone please stop obsessing over the price. It’s still a cool frame, either way. Don’t buy it if it’s overpriced.

    What’s the mass delta relative to the S-Works frameset?

  25. The silliest question in a free-market economy: Is this bike worth $18,000?

    Since most of us are cheap-asses, we think a bike’s worth should be the sum of the wholesale price of all the parts, and not a penny more.

    Specialized doesn’t need a profit margin; they should work for free for our benefit. They don’t need to recoup their marketing costs or, for that matter, any costs. Just make the bikes and sell them (at cost) for the love of the sport. Making profits off our backs is just plain mean. Let’s drink IPAs around a campfire while wearing our Headsweats, and sing Kumbaya!

    I once made a bid for a software engineer friend of mine to write some code for my company. I asked him how much he charged. He blindsided me by asking “What’s the code worth to you?” (Head explodes!) Given that the deadline was in 2 hours, it was worth a billion dollars.

  26. I have one on order and hope to see it soon. They told me January at the bike shop here in Texas. One thing that is a surprise is the external battery. Cav has commented in several interviews how he likes the way they concealed the battery. Yet, here it is out???

  27. I can’t remember the last time the local news or any news organization for that matter reported a story about company stooges accosting innocent riders and forcing them to buy a bike that they consider too expensive.
    There’s a simple rule I go by and likely others use too: if a bike or bike component is too expensive according to my own values, I don’t buy it. Are people out there scared they’re going to succumb to someone else’s price values and be duped into spending 3, 5, 10, or 15 thousand dollars more than they wanted to? If so, it’s likely time for those people to seek therapy.

  28. Only person who can afford this bike are Drs, Lawyers, and Stock Brokers… and I haven’t been beaten by one of them in years. $18K isn’t going to change this.

  29. All those complaining on price, you do realize that these bikes were all sold during presale,right? Is $1800 too much to spend on a bike? Take the average income and multiply it by 10x and poof…18k is reasonable.

  30. Its a bike, like it, or like it not. Judging the owner is sad. What an odious crowd, being poor and envious doesn’t make you less of as tool than the guy who can afford it!

  31. i said “I” would feel not “you” (or anyone)should feel.. so those assuming that people not agreeing with the price are poor and/or envious are equally judgemental and are just misplaced tools themselves who are equally important to get the job done jut like the rest of us tools.

  32. I don’t care what people buy, or how much a bike costs due to extensive R+D or expensive kit and maybe if I had loads of cash the difference between 10k and 18k wouldn’t be much but the truth is – coming from someone who buys bikes for a living – that the price of this bike has no correlation to the design quality, componentry or beauty of it and the price is therefore an insult to the consumer base as a whole.

    It is, at best, a 10k bike. The price tag tells consumers this: ‘We at Specialized don’t rate your intelligence and reckon if we price a bike this high some of you will buy it just for the hell of it and the rest of you will buy the model below and think you got a bargain.’

    Wakey wakey Specialized – amazing carbon frames, even those 4 years in development, cost $700 a piece, so even allowing for the most spendworthy build of all time (which this isn’t incidentally) the profit margin you’re asking us to accept is of drug-dealer proportions.

    And all while most of the world is in recession – genius!

  33. well that can’t be true. I’ve seen and photographed on with full red black at toga in manhattan almost five months ago and saw one being built up at Cynergy in santa monica a few weeks ago. Surf City ha s a very large more money than sense clientele, this being said it would be no surprise this was bought to hang over a Ferrari in someones garage.

  34. ^^^^ @ adrian P

    You may have seen one or two, but they weren’t for public sale. This was the first one sold to a customer in the states. There have only been 9 total, delivered to customers worldwide. I do know that a lot have gone to Specialized and industry people already.

    Bicycle Retailer ran a story on this bike being the first with quotes and photos of one of the bigwigs at Specialized (I’m sure he has one in his garage).

  35. Jealousy loves misery. I have one of the few bikes sold coming to the Midwest sometime late Dec early Jan. It’s not about the price. It’s about having something most of you tool bags can’t. It may not be faster, lighter and slicker than a custom bike or my Pinarello Dogma, but it is one of a kind. If everyone criticizing the bike before they even see it in person could afford it they to would be on the road with one. It’s amazing how the wallet dictates the comments made on this site.

    Can’t wait for it to arrive and I get to spin my first 100 miles. Doesn’t matter if people think it’s a $3k, 5K, or 10K bike. It’s not about the money, it’s about being lucky enough to have worked hard to afford a piece of history and something I can pass on to my son when I pass.

    At the end of the road I’ll be able to say I at least owned a cool piece of history.

  36. Well, I just came across all this and I picked mine up this week and finally had a chance to ride these past two days. It’s an interesting bike, and I have owned a few, I completely agree with the complaints about the price, but if you can afford to do it, and want to do it, the negative comments shouldn’t weigh on the decision. I have car racing connection and since buying McLaren street car seemed a bit extreme – in comparison – I decided that I would try this. I’m not that fast a rider and don’t expect this bike to make me any faster, but I have enjoyed it and it does appear at first glance to be a bit quicker than my other bikes.

    I appreciate the commentary about being a “poseur” but if we are honest….we all become “that guy” at least once in our lives…..and we get over it. So who cares? Making a judgement about who I am after seeing what I ride is about as stupid as making a judgement about someone for the jeans they wear or car they drive.

    So, I can afford the bike, my kids aren’t going hungry and I pay my bills. Life is short and if you can experience the things you want without harming yourself or others, whose to say you shouldn’t. And that my friend’s is Richard’s Rationalization for the XMAS holiday.

    BTW, the bike is great to ride. Di2 is awesome and I’m a convert….

  37. Since many of you are drawing comparisons to the motorcycling world, this bike draws similarities to the Yamaha R7 of the late 1990’s. It was a bad ass, race ready motorcycle in stock form but Yamaha retailed it for $50k. Many club racers shunned it because it was manufactured by ‘cookie cutter’ company and couldnt justify the cost of buying one over an exotic such as a Ducati. Once the nostalgia simmered down and Suzuki re-vamped its GSX-R 750 you never saw that bike again.

  38. The Di2 battery on the frame is to be inserted into the seat tube with a 6 month charge, slick! if you have one of these bikes, good for you, if not, who really cares.

  39. Actually Serotta makes an Aero mike in the USA, and when I thought that was too expensive, the Venge McLauren comes out and makes the Serotta look like a bargain.

  40. ..and what is with the Frameset alone ? How much it will cost in the US ? I am from Europe and searching for size 52 Frameset of the McLaren

  41. I just got my one (the s-works version, unfortunately not mclaren) and you know what, its amazing! its stiffer than anything i’ve ever ridden and its nice and light. i don’t need it by any stretch of the imagination, it hasn’t turned me into a pro, but i wanted one so i bought it. If you dont like it, don’t buy it. the amount of guys i’ve seen riding dogmas with super record and bora ultras is ridiculous, and the only reason i see them is because i overtake them on my allez, so its not about buying a bike that reflects your ability. Nobody needs a home cinema either but i bet most of you guys here have that too.

  42. Just saw one in my hometown yesterday. It’s a piece of history and if you know anything about F1 you know that it’s designed as an exercise in technology. Unlike that silly nascar crap here in the south, F1 enginnering is actually applicable to the current era. Btw, the guy was riding w Hincapie team and some guy named George. So I’m guessing he’s decent but who cares? Like George, he’s a nice guy who appreciated me knowing what he was riding.

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