cytomax muscle milk egg nog holiday flavor protein drink for athletic recovery Nau Kleen Kanteen stainless steel cups

Clif Bar and Gu aren’t the only ones releasing limited edition holiday flavors. Cytosport’s Muscle Milk is getting in the game with an Egg Nog rendition of their protein recovery drink mix. It’s only available in their 2.47lb canister for $53.49, but they’ve got free shipping.

Of course you’ll need something to put it in, and Kleen Kanteen has partnered with Nau to offer a set of four stainless steel travel pint cups. We were looking for something like this all summer for our six week road trip, so you can be sure we’ll be getting a set in here for “testing.” They’re stackable, retail for $39 (which is pretty good if you’ve ever price shopped SS cups!) and should do a better job of keeping your hands warm than a thermos should you brew up some coffee at cyclocross races this winter.

What do you think?