Truvativ sent over a little video showing the softer side of Danny Hart, the kid who bum rushed the DH circuit this year, capping it off with a sick World Cup winning run at Champery…so we’re leading with the vid of that, and the Truvativ video first up after the break. That’s followed by a vid from Morvelo clothing showing a few pieces of their autumn/winter collection and how a cyclocross bike should be ridden…

Check out their collection at


  1. omg, that is the most obnoxious color commentary ever. I recommend muting the Danny Hart vid if you choose to watch it. Whatever happened to Peter Graves?

  2. “How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big?” by far the best commentary I have ever heard. I’m with fg4 on this one. That was a sick run.

  3. “How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big?”

    When I laughed out loud while ‘workin’ in the office, I got some looks!!! Absolutely brilliant riding, and even more brilliant commentary – this one’s goin’ on my ‘best’ list.

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