Knog Boomer USB rechargeable bicycle lights for commuter bikes

Apparently these came out earlier this year (or before?), but we just caught wind of them from an almost ridiculously in depth review over on Core 77.

As a fan of Knog lights after reviewing the Beetle and using their standard Boomer for a while, the USB recharging feature is a pretty solid looking upgrade. Like all their lights, the Boomer USB has a silicone stretch housing that has to be pulled off to get to the USB “stick”, which can then be jammed directly into your computer or a wall wart like those that come with an iPhone or iPad.

Run time on both is about 3.5 hours solid or 12 hours flashing. Front is 55 lumens, rear is 15, and the cases’ straps are oriented appropriately for wrapping around either the seatpost or handlebar as the case may be. They even have a discharge mode to keep the battery safe when you won’t be using them for a while. US MSRP is $39.95 and they come in blue, red, white, black, pink and clear-ish.

What do you think?