Ruckus Components aluminized composite chain guards and frame protectors

Ruckus Components, who we’ve featured with a little factory tour here and some trick highlights there, recently finished repairing a Storck Fascenario 0.7 IS, of which they say there are only 25 in North America.

Rather than send the incredibly lightweight frame back to its owner susceptible to future damage, they created some custom frame protectors out of an aluminized composite. Seeing as it’s the weekend, we’ll work on getting some more details outta them come Monday. Until then, another pic after the break…

Ruckus Components aluminized composite chain guards and frame protectors

From Shawn at Ruckus Components:

Our protectors will be available in a couple different kits that will include a chainsuck protector(s) roughly in the $25 range but TBD.

Availability on request right now as we dial in a few different patterns to cover the gamut of bike frames on the market. But we are looking to get them into bikes shops and distributors in early 2012

They came about as a necessary item as we repaired more and more frames damaged from chainsuck and high-abrasion areas.

The material itself is an interesting composite that is referred to as Texalium. It is a composite with a 200 angstrom thick aluminum (99.99% pure) coating on the fibers. It is woven and utilized like a standard carbon fiber fabric and is highly reflective and flashy.

Hat tip to Fred for the info!


  1. First off, that’s some embarrassing repair work if that’s the best example of what you can do. I’ve had a few customer frames repaired by other companies that work and LOOK amazing…
    Second, who edits these posts? “Aluminized composite?” Why not call it what it is, cheap frame rub patches. A few pieces of Bonk tape cut to fit would look better and work as well. Why not do something really custom and fit some stainless steel plates on there?

  2. On the photo above we just removed the crankset and there was grease on it still, our photography still need works.

    We came into the carbon repair game doing favors for local racers, the structural repairs have always been strong but our refinishing work wasn’t there yet in the beginning. Thanks for your early support, but we have stepped up our finishing game considerably in the last year.

  3. I’ve seen Ruckus’ work in person and it’s magnificent. Especially worth looking at their crown mounted cable hanger mod for cx forks. Smart cookies.

  4. I’m not sure who’s sour on Ruckus, but they have done nothing but magic that I’ve seen. It’s good to have them as an option because shipping everything to Calfee for repair is just too damn expensive. Keep up the good work Ruckus!

  5. Rich, good ideas, get on it…oh, yeah, you’re one of those guys with all the ideas, but none of the know-how. I know Shawn personally and not only is he smarter and more talented than the both of us combined, he’s actually out there doing it. Making things happen. Solving problems. I

    nstead of bitchin’ why not put that energy towards those stainless steel plates? Just a thought…

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