misfit psycles dissent kd kids 26 inch mountain bikeWell, maybe just 50 young minds. The rest will be disappointed and whine and scream.

Misfit Psycles has started production of their diSSent KD 26″ kid’s mountain bike. Shown earlier as a singlespeed, the images here are still prototype but thankfully gain gears. The bike has 26″ wheels with kid-frendly geometry to give it a feel of a 29er for smaller riders, letting them crush trails and leave their 20″ riding friends in the dust. The laser powers are just icing on the cake (lazer powers may vary by child and are not guaranteed).

The bike will be manufactured in North America, like their dissent ALC, with availability starting around December 15 or whenever founder Peter Keiller gets around to packing boxes and shipping your order. Which means you may need to print one of these pictures and stick it under the tree to avoid a meltdown.

His eloquent description of the bike and more pics after the break…

We asked if the image above was a production model or just more evidence that Keiller doesn’t do any real work. Here’s his reply, with images at the bottom:

What happened from proto to production:
A LOT of time passed.
SAME geometry and design.
SAME 26″ wheels used to achieve 29″ performance for wee peoples.
SAME low weight, high quality and complete compatibility as the diSSent AL and ALC. Meaning parents can poach their components for use on this frame UNLIKE any other junior/kids frame.
CHANGED tubing selection. Fully custom and hand selected domestic tubing. The prototype required parents utilize common-sense and not ride the frame themselves…it was going to have a weight capacity of 150lbs…but as was seen at Corporate Psycles, adults love bicycles of all sizes, even the wrong sizes. Furthermore many adults are generally stupid…so we beefed up the diameter of tubing to match those of the diSSent AL and ALC…in the event they do ride it…they won’t die.
CHANGED gearing. Now with guides for a rear derailleur. All frames are stock set up as 1×9 BUT will still use our scientifically designed Mk.iv slider system of infected death…so they can run single speed very easily.
CHANGED colour options. Now NOT only black, although black is standard and not as limited. White and Pink have also been added.
CHANGED manufacturing. The diSSent KD will now be entirely DOMESTIC. Tubes, machining, welding the works. Same as our diSSent ALC.
CHANGED price point. Obviously. The SRP is 750$ with no apologies…mostly. We are offering a 100$ rebate on pre-paid orders, otherwise a (non-refundable) deposit of 50$ is required.

The compatibility of this frame (68mm bb, std headset, 27.2 seatpost) make this the ideal garage bike…parents can (finally) make use of previously rendered useless 26″ wheels and build a sub 19lb bike worthy of even themselves…costs beyond the frame (in theory at least) are negligible.

The diSSent KD is in production NOW. Click here to order.
Scheduled for Corporate Psycles delivery of December 15.

misfit psycles dissent kd kids 26 inch mountain bike

misfit psycles dissent kd kids 26 inch mountain bike

misfit psycles dissent kd kids 26 inch mountain bike


  1. Maybe it’s just the photo but the HT angle looks extremely slack – more like in a DH than XC bike. I’m not sure it’s a very good idea. Maybe they should’ve used a lower-travel fork instead?

    Other than that, it’s quite a cool thing!

  2. “..adults love bicycles of all sizes, even the wrong sizes. Furthermore many adults are generally stupid…”

    That statement clears up three things for me:

    1. Why my son’s 16″ Specialized Vegas weighs more than my XC bike.

    2. Why I (at 6′,195#) can ride it down a hill without breaking it.

    3. Why I try to do that in the first place.

  3. @mkrs: the headtube angle is probably to help reduce the toe overlap with the front wheel. Its the same reason a smaller sized 29er mountain bike has a slacker headtube angle and steeper seattube angle than a large size.

  4. @Me: Good point, I didn’t think of that at first. On the other hand though, they could’ve used a bit steeper HT angle and a fork with more rake – the net effect of toe overlap would be close to zero while the bike would be much more maneuverable. Just my two cents…

  5. @mkrs: steeper head angle/more offset in the fork would only work if Misfit designed their own rigid fork for the bike. Suspension forks only come in a few different offsets, and all are within a few mm of one another. Plus, I don’t know that that would mean a faster handling bike anyhow.

  6. I for one am excited to see another high quality kids bike on the market. Thanks Misfit for taking kids seriously. Once my little man can swing a leg over…..

  7. Cool, but why is the frameset $750? I’d buy a complete bike for $1k, but $750 is a big jump for the kid’s bike with nothing else onboard. Especially when I could only tolerate a little riding with the runt. At $750 a frame, I’d need to take the bastard along everytime I went out.

  8. @Whatever, the frame is $750 because that’s probably what it needs to be in order to keep the guys at Misfit fed and clothed. If they are truthful in their claims about the domestic sourcing and production of this frame, then it is likely that just the tubes for this frame cost $200-300. Even if you only add to that two additional costs, 2 hours per frame of welding by a qualified welder, and the cost of powdercoat (~$110-130 a frame), you’re looking at $400-500 just to get the darn thing built and finished.

    So yeah, I don’t know if you were looking for a serious response, or just grousing about price, but there is a price basement on most domestic frames excepting, perhaps, some steel BMX frames. Besides, who wouldn’t want to support a company with a bike called the Nummers? That’s just great.

  9. Wow, does having a frame powdercoated actually cost $110 in the USA? Finally there’s a service you can get cheaper in Europe ;D In my area it’s about 1/3 of this price and the quality is top notch.

  10. Questions about the front end seem to be sorted logically.
    Questions about the cost were anticipated.
    Everything else, seems about right.

    We constantly justify bike builds of 1500 (upwards) for ourselves…I look out from my office and see my wee ones cramming in more than triple the saddle time I managed this season…why should they ride on anything less?

    As for domestic vs import…an import version may come in Q2 2012…or it may not.


  11. Personally I am going to jump on one of these frames for my 8 yo. The price is not out-of-line for a complete domestic frame at all especially when there is a $100 discount for full prepayment. Coming from a BMX background, it is not uncommon to have $2k+ bikes for the little dudes and dudettes. And most of those use crap asian frames.

    I am already lacing up some used Soul Kozak hubs to Velocity Aeroheat rims in anticipation of the build. I just need to research a decent lightweight fork.


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