firefly bicycles titanium 29er mountain bike teaser

Despite already shipping the first few builds of an all new titanium 29er hardtail mountain bike, Firefly Bicycles is only now about to officially unveil them. In fact, they wouldn’t even send over full frame pics of the final product, leaving us to tease you with these images.

Similarly, they’ve been shipping their titanium handlebars for a while under the Crema Cycles brand in Germany, but they’re about to add the new items to their website along with some other options and goodies.

See more of the frame with construction details and pricing, plus the bar, after the break…

firefly bicycles titanium 29er mountain bike teaser

Until now (or, more technically accurate, recently), Firefly has only been building road and cyclocross bikes. Those have been offered in stainless steel and titanium, but this new 29er hardtail will only come in Ti.

“We think this is the ultimate frame material for rigid 29ers,” says Tyler Evans of Firefly. “We’ll do a 26″ too in the future.”

“We’ve got a couple more things in the works, including a ‘monster cross’. It’s set up for disc brakes and larger tire diameters. The geometry splits road and mountain, so it’s not exactly ‘cross. Everything is custom though, so there’s not going to really be a standard model for this category.”

firefly bicycles titanium 29er mountain bike teaser

The custom dropouts are perhaps the most striking feature of the frame, but the sharp angles of the mono-stay and blasted/polished logo treatment ain’t too shabby either. Frames will start at $3,800 for custom geometry. Complete bikes are available, too. Each Firefly build is completely photo documented with a final glamour shoot in their in-house studio. The owner is then given the entire collage on a USB drive upon delivery of the bike. Firefly’s production is currently sold out through February, so if you’re interested in riding something next spring, better get on the list.

firefly bicycles titanium handlebar teaser

The Firefly titanium handlebar is full custom, too. As such, Evans wouldn’t quote a weight because you can get them in any width and bend, and the butting and wall thickness is customized for both as well as the rider’s weight and intended use. They’re made at standard 25.4 diameter and come with an alloy spacer to fit OS 31.8 stems. They’ll retail for $175.


  1. This example of superlative craftsmanship makes the prices asked for mass-produced, plastic frames w/ cookie-cutter geometry seem even more silly than they do on their own.

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