London based bicycle accessories design company Full Windsor has come up with two unique mudflap designs for your commuter bike. The Origami-style flaps fold up flat to resemble, you guessed it, the full windsor knot! The Quickfix, shown above and after the break, can be stored in your pack until you need it – then easily installed with a few snaps around your bike’s frame. The FoldnFix design is installed with zip ties to stay on for the entire rainy season. Available at UK online shops here or here. Click ‘more’ to see the flat version and the available color line.

full windsor knot bike fender


  1. Yo, hipster, get some real fenders if you’re going to ride with the rest of us. Just as you don’t want a stripe up your backside, no one else wants your spray in their faces. Thank you.

  2. Seems like a dumb idea. Just mount real fenders and be done with it. Unless you’re a racer I don’t see the point (and if you’re a serious racer just drop some money on a rain bike – if you can afford $1500 wheels you can afford a rain bike!)

  3. $1500 wheels? Not in that photo and not on a lot of single speeds/fixies in this area. This area though does have a monsoon season which brings very unpredictable rain. When the rain does happen, it happens in great volume. These fenders seem a good option here, especially for all those that don’t fit under $1500 wheel generalizations.

    I imagine it would be technically dead simple to wipe these off with something high tech like a rag or paper towel. Likewise, the user could use some uber advanced technology like an outside mesh pocket in which to store these. Funny, a lot of backpacks have such things.

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