Last week a press release from Joystick Bicycle Components landed in our inbox touting the release of the company’s first product: the Analog Carbon handlebar.  Curious about the new brand, we got in touch to find out what they were all about.  Hit the jump to find out more about Team Joystick and their first release…

Joystick is comprised of a number of experienced bike industry veterans and artists who are passionate about riding (cliche, they admit).  Based in Vancouver, they feel as though they have access not only to some of the best engineering, technical design, and product development available- but also want to make products that riders want.  Their plan is to add attractive design and engagement with their riding scene to do just that.

Now available for pre-order and shipping December 1st, the Analog Carbon

…perfectly weaves the latest technology with a dynamic look and feel. Joystick’s refined manufacturing formula provides a superior riding experience while ensuring you’re in control of your ride. While light enough for weight conscious all-mtn riders this bar is stronger than most alloy bars and tough enough for the freerider in all of us.

At 725mm wide with a 20mm rise, an unusual 8° backsweep, and 5° upsweep, the Analog Carbon’s shape and damping  are claimed to “gives you unrivalled handling for an enhanced riding experience.”

For early 2012, Analog plan to have several more handlebars available for different riding diciplines as well as saddles.  A wider range of components is planned for 2013.  Though their portfolio remains small, Joystick “are currently looking for dealers, distributors, and brand ambassadors.” Check them out at



  1. Wish someone could “measure” the comfort level and strength of a handlebar. The only stats it gives (217g) doesn’t seem to make it any different than an Answer ProTaper AM.

    I always laugh when I see people confuse damping with dampening.

  2. Great another carbon handle bar! Is their some actual labratory testing behind this handle bar or is it just some cheap rubber stamped Chinese import?

  3. hate to be harsh….but does the world really need another “component” (ie Asian handlebar w/company name on it) company? Plus as someone mentioned already…how does it really differ from everything else out there???? What’s next….a really well thought out cnc machined 4 bolt handlebar clamp stem? Because we don’t have enough of those yet either.

    I’d really like to see something new from these types of companies….not just more cookie cutter parts 15 other companies (and every major bike company) is making. Hell….at least bring do something fun like bring back florescent colors from the 90s!! Wonder if Toray makes neon pink carbon……

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