Specialized S-Works Limited Edition '74 shoe 2012

Specialized cycling shoes have been a huge success for the company.  Designed around the Body Geometry fit system, Dr. Andy Pruitt and the Specialized team have created footwear used by more than 70% of the Pro Peloton today.  The 2012 collection offers a wide range of road, mountain, and recreational footwear, along with a few limited edition pieces that are sure to turn heads.  More details after the break…

The 2012 season boasts small structural changes to the proven Boa lace system found on S-Works shoes, including a stainless steel cap which will improve durability, and a new degree limiting stopping feature.  Specialized founder Mike Sinyard’s original cycling shoes from the 1970’s are the inspiration for the new Limited Edition ’74 shoe.  Made of Kangaroo leather, this retro looking shoe is packed with modern technology, performance, and comfort.  Only available for a limited time and retail for $400.  The ’74 shoes will also have a matching pair of fingerless gloves available from Specialized this coming season for $45.

Specialized Trivent Terra Off Road Triathlon Shoe 2012

Also available for the 2012 season, Specialized is now offering their first Off Road Xterra-style Triathlon shoe.  The Trivent Terra is literally the industry leading Trivent Triathlon shoe married to the sole from the S-Works line of MTB shoes.  Features include a lengthened strap for easy foot entry on the fly, super thin and breathable mesh upper, micro neoprene lined heel cup and strap for comfort with or without socks, and a massive heel tab for pulling on shoes with barely functioning fingers after a cold swim.  The most exciting feature seen on the new Trivent Terra is the Easy Arch Fixing Point for flying starts.  Available now, these shoes retail for $300.





  1. Wait…70% of the pro peloton are wearing Specialized shoes? Just from my observations, Sidi is still the king, but their share is way down from a decade ago. Specialized shoes are certainly showing up on more pro feet, but unless Pruitt is secretly designing for Sidi as well, the 70% number seems like it was made up in the marketing department.

  2. What percentage of the peloton is wearing Specialized shoes according to your observations? Without actual numbers to back up your claims, you leave yourself in the same spot in which you claim Specialized sits. The article does not differentiate between Pro Tour, Continental, or whatever. It would be easy enough for someone to email Specialized and ask which riders and teams are wearing their shoes.

  3. There was an article recently that showed about 150 riders in the pro tour riding specialized shoes. I am a sidi fan myself, but that is a pretty large number. with an average of 180-200 riders in a peloton, its seems as though specialized has done a good job getting riders in their shoes(and helmets.)

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