clif bloks citrus flavor now available

About a year after introducing the citrus flavor Clif Shot energy gel, the lemon-lime Bloks get replaced by Citrus. They’re pretty tasty, too. As long as they don’t replace the margarita flavor, we’re cool. Available now. Full PR after the break…

PRESS RELEASE: CLIF SHOT BLOKS®, the best-selling energy chew for performance athletes announces a new clean and crisp flavor – Citrus –available now, exclusively in sports retail stores.

Made with 95 percent organic ingredients, CLIF SHOT BLOKS provide an optimum blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes for essential energy and proper muscle function. Shaped like small cubes, CLIF SHOT BLOKS taste great and are easy to chew. Plus they’re simple to handle mid-run or mid-ride with their performance-friendly FASTPAK® packaging that makes one-handed, on-the-go usage a breeze.

New Citrus CLIF SHOT BLOKS adds a refreshing lemon-lime zest to the BLOKS line that’s crafted especially for hard training and races. “Athletes have a heightened sensitivity to taste when they’re training and racing,” said Chris Randall, CLIF SHOT® brand manager. “As with all CLIF SHOT products we made sure that Citrus SHOT BLOKS would taste just right during activity.”

Each CLIF SHOT BLOKS FASTPAK (SRP: $1.99) contains six energy chews. With 33 calories per chew, it’s simple for athletes to customize and track caloric intake during long outings.

CLIF SHOT BLOKS come in eight flavors, including three with green tea extract as a natural source of caffeine, which studies have found improves endurance capacity.

In addition to Citrus, CLIF SHOT BLOKS are available in Black Cherry (50 mg caffeine), Cran-Razz®, Margarita (with 3X the sodium), Mountain Berry, Orange (25 mg caffeine), Strawberry and Tropical Punch (25 mg caffeine)

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