appleman new full carbon fiber racing road bike with integrated AppleStem carbon handlebar and stem

Appleman, a custom framebuilder we’ve seen at NAHBS, sent over a few pics of his new, “Carbon Everything” road bike that he started developing in February. It also features his new AppleStem one-piece integrated bar/stem.

His frames have a stealthy nude carbon finish with optional DNA, candy cane or other patterns wrapped under the matte clear coat. Builder Matt Appleman says this particular frame weighs in at 910 grams and is mated with an Enve 2.0 road fork.

“Every tube was custom made to ensure a stiff front end and bottom bracket yet provide compliance in the rear,” Appleman said. “This bike was built towards the center of the Stiffness-Comfort spectrum.”

“This frame utilizes our “Carbon Everything” design. This design replaces aluminum inserts with molded in carbon fiber parts. The dropouts, cable stops, and PressFit BB30 bottom bracket shell are all 100% carbon fiber. The only bits of metal are the replaceable derailleur hanger and water bottle mounts. Our unique dropouts and super svelte cable stops are custom molded in-house for each frame. The extensive use of carbon fiber throughout the frame yields a stronger, more durable construction than its glued insert counterparts.”

More pics and details after the break…

appleman new full carbon fiber racing road bike with integrated AppleStem carbon handlebar and stem

Appleman Bicycles is a one man shop in Minneapolis, MN that offers fully custom carbon road, track, and cyclocross frames. Geometry and ride feel are customized for every frame based on the riders’ needs, preferences and riding style.

“All of our tubing is custom made for each rider. The diameter of the tubing and the carbon layup schedule to tailor the ride feel of the bike for the customer. Carbon fiber logos come standard and are typically pinstriped in any color. Frame options include internal cable routing, full internal Di2 wiring/battery, disc brakes and custom paint.”

appleman new full carbon fiber racing road bike with integrated AppleStem carbon handlebar and stem

Matt continues: “The AppleStem Integrated Handlebar is made using Enve’s super stiff carbon fiber stems with your choice of carbon handlebar. Aside from looking incredibly smooth and being stiff, the integrated setup increases the bar’s durability by removing the bolts and faceplate clamping forces. No more over tightened bars and no more bar slip!”

The AppleStem is available with or without purchase of a frame. Cost is the MSRP for the chosen bar + stem + $100 for the integration process.

Appleman’s custom framesets (frame, fork headset) is $3500 for now, but prices jump to $4000 for orders placed after January 1st 2012. Among custom builders, his lead times are relatively quick, currently at 10-12 weeks. Every frame rolls out the shop with a 25 year warranty and includes discounted crash replacement/repairs.


  1. It really should be the “Carbon Everything (almost)” bike, or the “Carbon Everything*”, because, well, everything isn’t carbon.
    It does look fantastic though, and it’s nice to see other carbon frame builders popping up in the US.

  2. More carbon that anything else… just the derailleur hanger and bottle cage mount aren’t carbon because they require threads… I’m sure they figured smart people wouldn’t expect to be screwing things directly into carbon.

    This is why EVERYTHING has to have a asterisk… and why Mcdonalds coffee cups have to say “Warning Contents are HOT”

  3. I very much like how this thing does not have the cosmetic woven CF layer, it’s all unidirectional. That’s good engineering there, boys.

  4. Applemans stuff is amazing. Had the chance to talk to him last year at the NAHBS. This is what the bike industry needs.. Young designers with a fresh look.

  5. Save your money and buy a Chinese carbon frame. They look just the same and thousansd and thousands less. Just say’n.

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