2012 Pantani Project road bike

Our collection of random sightings from Eurobike is dwindling. In this almost last collection, we’ve got the Pantani Project carbon road bike above along with some nice titanium rides from Rewel, plenty of odd city/commuter/transport bikes and other fun stuff…

2012 Rewel titanium mountain bike

Pretty sure the above bike is Rewel’s 29er with Lefty carbon fork. Below, one of their sweet looking road bikes.

2012 Rewel titanium road bike

2012 mondraker mountain bike with integrated stem was a eurobike award winner just like the look 986

Mondraker’s new mountain bike shares a whole lotta aesthetics with Look Cycles’ new 986 and 920 bikes, and both brands won a Eurobike award for the concept.


rejuice purses messenger and pannier bags made from upcycled and recycled juice pouches

Re-Juice purses, totes and pannier bags made from upcycled juice pouches.

With the trailer on it, this was one long cargo bike!

ITM carbon fiber handlebar with flat top

You may not be able to mount much to the flats, but ITM’s new Pathom2 road handlebar has a very, very flat surface, even out to the lever mounts.

Integrated bicycle lock and lights.

Pedal powered cab, or the ultimate kid hauler.


  1. Its funny how many of the mojor brands make these quirky looking bendy road bikes that claim to be the ultimate advances in technology, when clearly its all smoke mirrors and bullshit used as a marketting gymic!
    look at any small boutique companys and there lines are all the same very straight, clean and sumwhat traditional and these bike are the most advanced on the market.

    That Pantani is beautiful.

  2. Most advanced? Based on what metric? The phrase “most advanced” can cover a lot of things, and precious of those things are actually scientifically compared. “Most advanced” is a purely subjective term, no matter who uses it, except for two cases I can think of: ignitiion advance or phase advance.

    The Rewel road frame does look nice.

  3. Wow, that cab is quite a nice thing. It’s not “my” kind of bike really, but I like the idea – it’s a (nearly) perfect means to encourage people to commute by bike, even with family. It’s a shame however that the “driver” is not protected from rain!

  4. what makes hispania artisans?
    looks a lot like a design and trading company
    for chinese frames.
    (that doesn’t make the bikes less nice)

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