trek 2012 recall fx and district

Trek has announced a recall on all 2012 FX and District bicycles due the possible failure of the seat saddle clamp bolt. If you have one of these bikes, bring it in to your local Trek dealer for a replacement bolt. More info here and after the break.

Name of product: Trek 2012 FX and District bicycles

Units: About 27,000

Importer: Trek Bicycle Corporation, of Waterloo, Wisc.

Hazard: The bolt that secures the seat saddle clamp to the seat post can break posing a fall hazard.

Incidents/Injuries: Trek has received four reports of incidents with one injury involving a broken tooth and lip injury.

Description: The bicycles affected by this recall include the following models:

Model Year 2012: Trek 7.2 FX, 7.3 FX, 7.4 FX, AND 7.5 FX; District, and 9th District bicycle models: WSD, Livestrong and Disc models.
The model name is found on the bicycle’s frame.

Consumers can determine the model year by looking at the SKU number stamped on the bottom bracket, which is found near the pedals. If the last two digits of the SKU are 12, the bicycle is a Model Year 2012 bicycle.


Sold at: Specialty bicycle retailers nationwide between May 2011 and September 2011 for between $550 and $1,100.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should stop riding the bicycles immediately and take the bike to their local Trek retailer for inspection and a free replacement bolt.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Trek at 800-373-4594 between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or visit the company’s website at

Note: Health Canada’s press release is available at



  1. I am constantly amazed by the crappy screws used in most of the stuff that comes over from Asia. Chrome plated junk than suffers from hydrogen embrittlement or just begins to corrode or rust after six months. Some of these fasteners are highly loaded, single point failure applications like seatpost or stem clamps. Spend the extra money an use a high quality stainless fastener please. I had a three SRAM Red brake caliper bolts rust up in under two years. For a high end group this deserves better.

  2. I am glad they are taking action with this because Trek has had a horrible warranty record with genreal frame failures for as long as I can remember.

  3. King, how do you figure horrible? I am on my fifth warranty frame. Warranty process is great. Sometimes it takes awhile, but they get to you.

    Now, if they could just build a MT bike that would survive my 215lbs for more than a year. But that is a different story. I also tend to ride a bit more than the average customer.

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