This video is shot on a ride along the Basque coast, ending right in the heart of San Sebastian, one of the capital cities of the Basque Country. The video was shot as part of an end of season review on the Cove G-Spot, a bike I have been guiding on all season. Although Cove would probably call he G-Spot a Freeride bike, for me it is what All Mountain bikes should be about. Riding isn’t about heart rates and racing to the top of every hill. Riding in the mountains diefinitely isn’t about mincing down from the summit you have sweated to climb, hindered by your lightweight bike. It should be about fun. It should be about the way back down, the experience, the ride. That’s what the G-Spot is for me. It climbs very well, but there is no getting away from the fact it is on the heavy side and you aren’t going to win any races to the top. Once you are there though the G-Spot is ready to race back down as fast as you dare, without you having to worry about holding back. I am a big believer in one bike to do it all and maybe that’s what the G-Spot has given me.

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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth. Rode a G-Spot for the first time at Interbike this year, (shuttle run, local dh, and the xc loops.) It wasn’t the very best climber I rode, or the very best descender (close though), or the even the very best jumper, but it was by far the best all-around bike I’ve ever ridden. All the others had sacrificed too much to be good at specific things. A trophy truck is useless on a road course, as a hypercar will die quickly on a rutted out mountain road. A car built for rallying won’t excel at either, but it’ll be oh so fun on both! (Another analogy: which is more useful in everyday life, a scalpel, or a well sharpened pocket knife?)

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