White Industries MI6CX 130mm wide cyclocross and road bike disc brake hub

While we think the wind is blowing toward the 135mm mountain bike spacing for cyclocross disc hubs, White Industries isn’t waiting to see where the fall leaves land. Their new 130mm wide hubset has standard 6-bolt rotor mounts and comes with 28, 32 and 36 hole drilling options.

The official model name is MI6CX, and we’ve got another photo of this shiny beast after the break…

White Industries MI6CX 130mm wide cyclocross and road bike disc brake hub

Details are scant, but pricing for their standard MI6 disc hubs is $250 for the regular model and $285 with titanium freehub body. Front hub is $158 with either 9mm QR or 15mm thru axle.


  1. Hmm….

    We could change the rear hub spacing of the frames which need to be changed anyway to accommodate disc brakes and then use all the disc hubs already out there or we could stick to the old size and have to make new hubs. Yea lets do that.


  2. 135mm for discs is pretty much locked in for Cross bikes too. Big names like Specialized are already spec’ing stuff that way or showing off protos of such. So are most of the small guys too.

    That said…There are exisiting rigs designed around 130mm frame spacing and discs already. Good amount. So being White Industries is a small company this is a good move. If this was a bigger company pushing such I’d be a bit more critical, but small companies like white help fill the void nicely for such needs. And their stuff is purty.

  3. I’ve used WI H1 hubs and currently have an H1 on the front and and H3 on the back. WI makes beautiful hubs that are well designed and damned hardy.

    It’s a smart move for WI to do these hubs so that they’re compatible with 130mm spacing, since it’s still the dominant spacing of road bikes. If and when 135mm spacing become dominant, it’s a pretty good bet that WI will make a hub for that. As a small company, they’re agile enough to respond quickly to such changes in the marketplace. Besides, there’s nothing to say that they won’t have a 135mm spacing variant out in the near future.

    I view this hub as a win. After all it’s another step toward large scale integration of disk brakes on road bikes. Sure it’s debatable whether disk brakes are even necessary or would an advantage on road racing machines, it’s certain that they’d be a benefit on touring bikes, cargo bikes, and bikes used by folks that have compromised hand strength or function.

  4. If you watch a guy flying down a mountain in a tour race and think to yourself “I wonder when his rim will get hot enough to blow that tire on a turn” you’ll realize pretty quickly why racers will adopt them in an instant for mountain stages when they become allowed.

  5. Gear – “you’ll realize pretty quickly why racers will adopt them in an instant for mountain stages when they become allowed.”

    WHEN they are allowed? Aren’t they allowed now?

  6. Brad

    Why do you asssume it is easier for a frame maker to adapt 135mm spacing than for hub manufacturers to go to 130mm?

    Frame tooling is alot more expensive to change than CNC programs for hubs. Besides, widening the rear triangle will require an increased Q factor for cranksets…there is no free lunch.

  7. This is amazing. I’m glad White is making that hub, and I bet they’ll do pretty well with it. I had a Lemond Poprad and never found a hub for the rear. Only two options previously existed; Phil and Velocity. So you had crazy expensive or mediocre quality, neither a good option.

    I’ve already forwarded this to the guy I sold that bike to, and suggested he buy one. I know I would if I still had that bike.

  8. how needs 130mm disc hubs? is there any frame on the market? no!
    the industry only wants to set a new standart like the headset and bb crap… new standart new tools new products etc. etc.
    if they would be reasonably they would use 135 mtb spacing.

    and why should the q factor increase? there doesn’t have to be more tire clearance at the bb an it would ought to wide the chainstay in the end.

  9. In two years, this hub will seem like a quaint anachronism. The dust is 90% settled on the subject, and going forward, all bikes with disc brakes will have 135 spacing. There is no incentive for any major maker to produce a 130 frame or hub for disc brakes.

  10. @josh

    exactly, there is no reason for a major manufacturer to do it… that’s where a co. like White who can do small runs of nice gear to fit niche markets.

    there are a few 130mm disc bikes out there – and IF i has one, i would have this hub. i run the non disc ones on my std CX wheels, the SS ones on my MTB, and will run the disc ones on my disc CX bike when i get it (yes, 135mm…)

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