Found! Blue steel Ashima rotor bolts

When my workshop was broken into this spring, the thieving theivers decided to take (among other things) a mint tin full of rotor bolts.  Why?  I can’t say- but it’s been awfully hard to put rotors on wheels without any.  Looking to replace them on a well-known auction site, I stumbled across Ashima’s blue steel rotor bolts.  Click through for more details…

Though I know that many people have successfully run aluminum rotor bolts, steel really does seem a whole lot more sensible.  At $10.35 for two wheels’ worth (shipped from Taiwan), the Ashimas are priced about the same as other steel bolts.  But they’re bluer.


14 thoughts on “Found! Blue steel Ashima rotor bolts

  1. Good story, tell it again. I was hoping maybe you found your stolen rotor bolts on E-bay, that would have made for some quality entertainment.

  2. Wait. You had a hard time finding steel M5 x 10 button head bolts? Did you look all of three places, and were those places only in your house? Seriously? It appears that on a scale of 1 – 10, your effort to find such bolts was about 0.1.

    Was the real problem a lack of desire to engage in movement? To have to get up from your chair? Why is this even a story?

  3. Fortunately, you can apply the same torque to a socket button head as you can to a torx button head. One may not be as pretty as the other, but they both work just as well.

  4. @ Robin…

    do you mean hex or allen Socket button head??? cause Socket button head can refer to hex/allen, torx, etc…

    Socket button head is kind of a generic term now-at-days…. also, while it is true that you can apply the same torque.. you’re far less likely to slip and strip the head of a torx than an allen.

    Plus.. the hardware store doesn’t carry all those cool colors!

    ANyways… more of the story… CHILL OUT!

  5. Robin, If you’re going to be a know-it-all at least try to be right.

    All else being equal, you absolutely can transmit more torque through a torx interface than a standard allen/hex interface.

    Allen button head will strip faster due to deformation of the screw recess or the tool.

  6. Thanks for the tip. I both some from these guys after reading your post. Just turned up today.
    Looks like I got the last of the Blue ones 🙂

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