Cannondale x Junk Food Clothing custom bad boy commuter bicycle and art exhibition tour

PRESS RELEASE: Cannondale Bicycles and Junk Food Clothing have teamed up to design two unique bikes for Antenna Magazine’s upcoming ReMix Lab. The inaugural ReMix Lab is an art, music, fashion, film and culture festival that will hit five cities –New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles – from October 19th through December 11th. The ReMix Lab consists of a gallery installation, live performances, film premieres and discussion panels, all of which celebrate the creators and thought leaders whose works are at the forefront of modern culture. With a Cannondale Bad Boy bicycle as their canvas, artists from Junk Food Clothing incorporated alternative graphic designs and accessories to give the urban bike a new twist.

“Our inspiration came from the name Bad Boy,” said Mike Palermo, Creative Director, Junk Food Clothing. “The vintage motorcycle clubs were always the original ‘Bad Boys’ so we figured what better way to start than to create the Bad Boy Riders cycle club? From there, we were able to pull a stripped back vintage color palette and add amazing custom vintage leather, a Junk Food tool bag and a frame bag.”

Cannondale x Junk Food Clothing custom bad boy commuter bicycle and art exhibition tour

The Bad Boy was revealed last night at the tour’s first stop in New York City (October 19th-23rd) and will then accompany the ReMix Lab on the remainder of the tour. Junk Food will also design a second bike—completely unique from the one in the ReMix Lab—which will be the prize in an online giveaway.

“Cannondale is all about advancing the sport of cycling and creating bikes with attitude. Bikes can be a reflection of a riders personality and the Bad Boy is the ultimate under-the-radar statement bike,” said Bob Burbank, General Manager, Cannondale Bicycles. “We knew that Junk Food Clothing would be the perfect partner to create a new version of this sleek and modern looking bike for Antenna’s ReMix Lab.”

Venue locations will be announced as the tour approaches and all stops will be open to the general public.


  1. flavorless like fossil
    perfect for Cdale- come and get’em extra afluent suburban city dwellers, ride that over to the edge of an OWS rally so you can FB your friends

  2. Without the leg on one side, you can fix a flat on the bike, which dramatically reduces the reasons to remove the wheel in the first place.

  3. Steve M-

    Besides putting the bike in a car, there is no reason to ever take the front wheel off, so its a non issue. If you have a flat, you can just take the tire off. No need to remove the wheel since there isn’t a second leg blocking the removal of the tire. To remove the wheel, all you need is a 5mm allen wrench. You loosen the two caliper bolts (the ones that attach the caliper to the fork, not the ones that directly touch the caliper) pull on the caliper, then let it dangle on the side, then unscrew the bolt that holds the hub to the axle. It takes less then a minute.

  4. Colin

    I take my front wheel off all the time. About 95% to get it on a roof rack or into a car trunk. Flat changing? the remainder. Now If I get a flat I lossen the QR drop the wheel and that takes fifteen seconds. No wrenches or the need to worry about losing or not adequately tightening structural screws. Also consider that if you have ISO caliper mounts you probably have small shims for alingment to lose, if you have post mount you have to re-align the caliper to the rotor every time.

    It’s bass ackwards in terms of real world usage.

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