fairdale bikes rack for your dog

Fairdale Bikes has a new rack available for dogs…or skateboards. But wait, there’s ‘more’!

fairdale bikes dog rack bike rumor pic of the day

Found via Hub Cyclery’s FB page.

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  1. This isn’t cool nor is it funny. Would you hang your child to those who have children off your bike like that? Didn’t think so… Animal cruelty is huge… posting something like this may be funny to some… but those of us who are involved in saving and helping animals in need. Not likely to get a vote from me on the FUNNY…

  2. Come on, people, lighten up; it’s truly unfortunate when even cyclists can’t share a lighthearted joke with each other. I mean, personally, I wouldn’t characterize photo-shopping pictures of dogs and bikes to be “cruel”, especially in this context. What about anti-smoking ads with cigarettes edited into the mouths of animals? Is that cruel? Is that abusive? Will that cause pain, anguish and distress to thousands of helpless creatures across the nation? NO! In a country that is utterly desensitized to violence, crime and blatant apathy, I find myself wondering why on earth this is what evokes criticism and cries for justice…

    Seriously, this is just a picture somebody made for fun. It is not even vaguely suggestive of harming animals. If it still bothers you, don’t look at it; nobody is forcing it upon you.

  3. I don’t really see this being harmful to a dog in any way whatsoever. It’s obviously a joke, and therefore, pretty funny. Even if this were real, I wouldn’t say that it were animal cruelty at all.

  4. It’s not that people missed that this is a skateboard carrier.. (well maybe some still think it’s meant for that) but the fact is that they (and I for that matter) don’t think that it’s the least bit funny that The dogs were even put in there at all for the photo (the tail on the first dog and belt of the second do look a bit odd, and I really do hope this is in fact a photoshop job)

    @kristybee.. editor… It looks painful wether or not they where transported.. as long as they were actually placed in that thing.. it’s cruel.

  5. Pretty good photoshop. Dogs definitely look like they’re getting tons more light than the rest of the pic, and look like they are higher resolution. Shadow on the ground in the first pic is too unnatural, but the work on the shadows of the rack on the dog’s hind legs is pretty good.

  6. looking at Fairdale’s website – it does not seem as it is a joke .
    it seems like they realy offer that option ( carry dogs ) .

    in my opinion it is an abuse of the dogs / animal and i hope there is a law that should prevent this from being sold or published .

    i would suggest if one knows , to forward that to the organizations that protect animals from abuse , for their evaluation and action if needed .

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