Sampson Stratics SL carbon fiber road bike pedals finally in production

Sampson’s new Stratics SL carbon fiber road pedals have been in development and testing for quite some time. We first saw prototypes in January. They’re finally ready. The body is made of long-strand carbon fibers and has an ultra wide 66mm wide platform with reinforcing steel plate. Not only does the plate provide a solid, durable platform for the cleats, it also adds structural rigidity to the pedal.

Jump through for full specs, weights and another pic, plus his new steel cassette…

Sampson Stratics SL carbon fiber road bike pedals finally in production

Specs provided by Sampson:

  • Long strand carbon body reduces weight dramatically
  • Fully polished stainless steel top plate provides exceptional abrasion resistance for long pedal life, adds stiffness to body
  • Full 66 mm width provides exceptional foot platform size
  • No-Rock cleat platform – cleats lay flat for enhnaced power and comfort– no rocking!
  • Cleats are co-molded, feature walking surface- available in 9 deg. float or fixed
  • Micro adjustable release tension eliminates need for pedal disassembly to change tension, provides a protected tension/cam mech in event of catching a pedal
  • Sleek, low profile design with low center to top distance
  • Steel – 119g each
  • Ti – 99g each
  • $189 for steel and $279 for ti (USD)

sampson steel cassette joins alloy and titanium road bike cassettes for 2012

If you haven’t seen them, Sampson offers race-spec alloy and titanium cassettes that are very light. For 2012, he’s introducing a more wallet friendly steel cassette. The cogs have sculpted pickups with textured areas to help grab and move the chain. An 11-25 comes in at a claimed 235g. They use an alloy spider and will come in a number of gear combos for SRAM, Shimano and Sampson 10-speed drivetrains.


  1. The pedal certainly has a respectable platform width (as wide as Dura Ace), and including a metal wear plate is a great touch. It be nice to see more and better pictures (The ones on the Sampson site were with expose incorrectly, given ridiculous amounts of Photoshop tweaking, or both. Whatever, the pictures don’t show off the pedals well.) and, more importantly, to read some performance reviews. The price is nice enough, and it’s a good sign that they use three bearings instead of bushings or bushings and bearings.

  2. I’m somewhat disappointed. Why didn’t they mention how many percent stiffer their pedals are than their main competitor? Looks like this kind of information is necessary in modern press releases in this business 🙂

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